Is your girlfriend happy? 

Of course she is! Or she wouldn't be with you! But right now we're talking about things that you can do to make your girlfriend extremely happy. 

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Girls are such beautifully complicated creatures. But making your girlfriend extremely happy on a daily basis doesn't have to be. After all, it's the little things in life that mean the most to us, right?

RIGHT! It's the little things guys! You know, the things that we put that little extra into! That last push after you think you've finished! Thinking up those extra angles to really drive it in nice and deep so she really knows...

How much you truly love her. Get your head out of the gutter boys, and let me educate you on some things that I do to make my girlfriend extremely happy

1. I always watch what she wants to watch on Netflix, no matter what.

2. Find excuses to see her randomly.

"Yeah, I need to buy this supplement I don't need from this fitness store across town anyway, I'll just pop by and say hi!"

3. Make sure I never, ever, run out of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

4. I always make sure I never run out of whip cream either because... it's essential.

5. Always encourage her to chase her dreams! 

6. Remember her favorite foods.

And always try to surprise her with those foods as much as possible. 

7. Give her back rubs as much as humanly possible.

8. I let her do the "Girlfriend Does My Makeup Challenge" on me. 

My eyebrows still hurt but damn they look fabulous. 

9. Remember her schedule and budget my own to maximize our time together.

10. Lowkey always try to match or compliment what she's wearing even if she doesn't want me to.

11. Call her to say goodnight. Every night.

12. Take the initiative to wash the dishes after each meal.

13. Sometimes I tell her we're having instant noodles for dinner and then I cook a meal fit for a queen. 

Ok I don't do this nearly often enough, but do it! She'll be so happy!

14. Keep a spare pair of comfortable flats in my trunk in case she gets tired of wearing heels when we're out.

15. Pick her up when I hug her so she knows it's real.

16. Maintain eye contact during conversation so she knows I'm paying attention. 

Just because you heard her doesn't necessarily mean you were really paying attention.

17. Wash her car for her even though I barely have enough time to wash my own.

18. Force myself to eat dessert after dinner even though I was saving that space for supplements and gains.

19. Fill up her gas for her when it's cold outside so she doesn't have to get out of the car.

20. Write her lots of cute love letters.

21. Workout for her.

These gains are for you babe.

22. Make her bomb music playlists so she doesn't have to look for music.

23. Go window shopping with her and when she sees something she likes, go back to the store and buy it for her.

24. Buy her makeup she's running low on, because I know how expensive that shit gets. 

Yes, I know what Kat Von D's Trooper liner is and I know it's like $30 a stick.

25. Kiss her on the forehead, because she loves that.

Who doesn't?

26. Find out what kind of liqour she likes to drink, and almost exclusively drink that.

27. Take selfies with her, even though I really don't like taking selfies.

28. Not get mad when the food turns cold before we eat it because she was taking pictures. 


29. Let her drag me to an Ariana Grande concert.

30. Be her camera ready Insta-husband, any time, anywhere. 

31. Let her slowly but surely take over my entire wardrobe...

Seriously, I've got like 1 sweater left.

32. Notify her immediately when I see tampons go on sale, and buy them.

33. Not say anything when she farts on me in her sleep.

34. Not say anything when I notice I farted on her when we were asleep.

Haha, you will never know but you're welcome.  

35. Keep a mental map of all the good food spots in whereever you are so you always have good food suggestions ready.

36. Drive her everywhere.

Even if it's in her own car, she really appreciates the gesture. 

37. Always give her the majority shares of the pillows and blankets.

38. Let her feel up the pecs no matter how weird about it she gets.

39. Always keep eyelash glue on deck.

*Major key alert!*

40. Help her with her work or homework, in any way that I can.

41. Be the fvck on time, everytime. 

She hates it when I'm running even a minute late.

42. If she looks different *FOR ANY REASON* I find a way to compliment her.

43. Pay close attention to her make up and let her know when it's not on point. 

Not telling her she looks like a panda is like not telling her she has spinach in her teeth.

44. Bring her gatorade after any and all physical activities.

45. I make sure my washroom is stacked with anything and everything she may need that I will never use.

Makeup remover, nail polish remover, purple shampoo & conditioner. You know, the essentials.

46. Carry her purse for her when she doesn't want to.

47. Laugh at all her jokes and constantly remind her of how funny she is.

Seriously, she's hilarious. 

48. "23 X (2+1)" Frequently.

Is there someone you know who could learn a thing or two from this? Share it and let them know!

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