You feel super irritable, you want to cry every time you pass by a cute dog yet you won't have your period sometime soon? That's probably because you stopped working out.

I personally was super motivated after trying Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide, until I dropped my healthy habits on a trip to Los Angeles.

I am back on track right now (I just bought Anna Victoria's Fit Body Guide) and I feel better than ever! To stay motivated, I decided to do some research about the impact of taking a break from fitness on your body. Here's what I found out:

1. Your body will change after 3 days

According to Sam Karl, celebs' favourite trainer, and Stephanie Dietz, Cyc Fitness' director, the changes on your body are apparent after only 3 days. Muscle mass begins to decrease as soon as the fibers lose their ability to burn fat and the body loses strength.

2. You have to work harder to regain your shape

Your butt is not as curvy as before? It's normal (and very sad), since according to Dietz, it will take double the time of the break to rebuild muscle mass and reach the level of strength acquired before procrastination.

3. You'll dream of junk food

Cravings for treats, often high in fat and carbohydrates, are the result of lack of exercise, which affects your mood, energy and endurance. It's super hard to resist a Big Mac when you no longer take care of yourself. Experts recommend maintaining a healthy diet if you can't workout for a period of time to keep your muscle mass.

4. You'll be super stressed

It's well known: exercise releases endorphins and makes you happy. It's therefore quite normal to feel anxious after spending two weeks away from the gym because the body is in need of this natural release of the "hormone of happiness".

5. You'll be tired

You woke up with a headache and you don't feel rested at all? Put on your shoes and go run! Irritability and sleep disorders are intimately related to the fact that you stopped working out and your stress level is increasing.

Don't give up on yourself, and keep moving! ?

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Source: Elite Daily

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