Downtown Vancouver is pretty damn small. But considering it's size, we've got quite an eclectic mix of people from different parts of downtown.

Now, I could be totally wrong about the city. You might live in downtown and think I know nothing about the city. But from my experience, I've definitely noticed a few trends here and there.

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From your Gastown hipsters to your Coal Harbour type A business blokes, here are the 6 different types of people who typically inhabit Downtown Vancouver.

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1. Coal Harbour // The Ballers

Uhm, have you seen the apartments in Coal Harbour? Yes. Yes, you have. Because they're freaking beautiful. Coal Harbour is the land of retirees, foreigners, and business execs. What do they all have in common that the rest of Vancouver doesn't? Money.

2.Yaletown // The Baller's Kids

The land of lease kings and queens, university students with mommy and daddy's money, and 30-somethings who are fresh in the business world getting their business' business licences. Oh, and of course, I can't forget the real estate agents.

3. Gastown // The Kind-Of Starving Artists

"Starving" photographers, graphic designers, bloggers writers, and designers who say their poor but are really living in apartments starting at $2,100 per month. You can frequently spot them "working" at any coffee shop in Gastown or doing "photoshoots" around the area.

4. Chinatown // Actually Starving Artists

The real free spirited hippie hipsters who live paycheque-to-paycheque and refuse to work a back up job. Their passion is their life and they're going to pursue it. 

Photo cred - @virgiliomartinez33

5. West End // The Eternal Room-mate Seekers

A two bedroom apartment with 4+ people living together? No problem. You'll typically find international students, hospitality workers, and sugar babies (okay, maybe not sure about the sugar babies, but I've definitely heard stories).

Photo cred - Weheartit

6. Crosstown // The Mixed Bag

The mixed bag of Vancouver, kind of like East Van, it's your multicultural area that's a little more expensive but wasn't circa three years ago. Usually consists of post secondary students and recent grads who are subsidized (or at least partially subsidized) by their parents, and of course again, your hospitality folk.

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