I'm genuinely not sure why going for a drink is the only thing people can think of nowadays for dates, or why it's even a go-to for some. There are so many things to do, see and eat in Vancouver that a drink cannot compare to.

Yes, of course there will be times when you and bae just want to chill and have a drink, but it can get a little repetitive. So here are 6 unique places you can take your date to if you're tired of that same old routine of dinner and drinks.

1. Rio Theatre // 1660 E Broadway

Rio Theatre isn't your average Cineplex theatre showing Finding Dory or Suicide Squad. Offering late-night screenings of old school movies like Grease, and cult film favorites like Donnie Darko, you and your S/O will be in for a vintage kind of movie night.

2. DVC Indoor Shooting Centre // #201-1655 Broadway Street

Show your boo how bad ass you are while holding a 357 Magnum. Kind of an unconventional date idea for after dinner, but it's probably something you both haven't done before (I know I haven't). So why not?

(P.S. And save on your date night with this Groupon!)

photo cred - @weheartit

3. Roll around Vancouver on a Vespa // #10-73 East 6th Avenue

Chances are that you either bike, transit or drive around Vancouver. Chances are that you probably don't have an Italian Vespa on deck to cruise around on with your girl. At Cycle BC you can rent a scooter for the entire day or just a few hours! So go around the city and hit all your favourite ice-cream shops, coffee spots, scenic viewpoints, make out points, etc.

4. Paddle boarding at Kits // 1499 Arbutus St.

Summer is almost over, sigh #summertimesadness. But you and your boo thang can make the most out of these last two weeks by going on a paddle boarding adventure at Kits. Vancouver Water Adventures is offering a super cheap Groupon for paddle board rentals, so just do it!

photo cred - @ariel.niu

5. The Dirty Apron Cooking Classes // 540 Beatty St.

Instead of going out for dinner and drinks, why not take a class and create your own culinary masterpiece? The Dirty Apron offers an array of classes from Italian pizza flipping to shi-shi French saucing. Keep update with classes on their website and sign up early because spaces fill up fast.

photo cred - @felix.yn

6. Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary // 4090 Hastings St.

Okay, so yes, I cheated a little. This one is a drink. But it's not your average peach Bellini at Cactus type of night. Their vintage diner/soda fountain shop vibe with their classic soda fountain drinks, and let's not forget their sundaes, make this spot a cute stop for after-dinner desserts. Definitely an old school throw back.

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