Last September, The Economist ranked Vancouver as the 39th most expensive city in the world, 7th in North America, making it the no. 1 most expensive city to live in Canada, according to the latest cost-of-living survey.

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It's no secret that many of Canada's richest and most extra people live here. From the luxury cars to the multi-million dollar homes, I think it's safe to say that Vancouver is the definition of bad and boujee.

But it kind of begs the much do the people who live in the expensive neighbourhoods even make? Like, how can I get there?! LOL. Well, we've buckled down and found the stats for you. Here are 7 of the richest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, what they are making, and how much they're worth:

1. Shaughnessy Heights

Average Household Net Worth: $13.8 million

Average Household Income: $700,431

Average House Price: $3.08 million

2. Kerrisdale

Average Household Net Worth: $12.85 million

Average Household Income: $1.15 million

Average House Price: $2.76

3. Kerrisdale Park

Average Household Net Worth: $10.86 million

Average Household Income: $762,466

Average House Price: $1.88million

4. Shaughnessy North

Average Household Net Worth: $9.09 million

Average Household Income: $371,510

Average House Price: $2.5 million

Photo cred - 40 Listings

5. Westmount // West Vancouver

Average Household Net Worth: $8.96 million

Average Household Income: $393,746

Average House Price: $3.17 million

Photo cred - 40 Listings

6. West Bay & Sandy Cove // West Vancouver

Average Household Net Worth: $8.19 million

Average Household Income: $958,352

Average House Price: $2.9 million

7. Shaughnessy Centre

Average Household Net Worth: $7.82 million

Average Household Income: $392,897

Average House Price: $2.47

And unfortunately we don't have the stats for the following neighbourhoods, but judging by the homes that reside in these areas, we're pretty sure the people who live around here are boujee how could we not mention them? If you wanna be boujee too, this is how much a luxury home might cost you:

SW Marine // South Vancouver

Home pictured above: $38 million

Photo cred - 40 Listings

Kitsilano and Point Grey // Vancouver West

Home pictured above: $23.8 million

Photo cred - 40 Listings

Quilchena // Vancouver West

Home pictured above: $13.89 million

South Granville // Vancouver West

Home pictured above: $12.8 million

Photo cred -

Arbutus // Vancouver West

Home pictured above: $7.68 million

Source: The EconomistCanadian Business

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