I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a night-in cuddling with the bae over Netflix and sangria. It genuinely never gets old. But then again, we've got all winter to do that.

The end of summer is lurking just around the corner, and you know you're going to regret letting that limited Vancouver sun waste away because your lazy butt didn't want to leave the couch. So get out there, and take your girl or your man on a special date, and do something unique to show them how much you care.

And let's be honest, you probably wouldn't have Netflix anyway if they didn't let you bum off their account. Time to show them your appreciation.

1. Watch airplanes fly overhead at Larry Berg Flight Path Park

There's just something so magical and romantic about watching airplanes land and take off just beyond the horizon at sunset.

2. Go berry picking with your sweetie

These berries probably won't be as sweet as your boo, but they'll definitely be a close second. Drop by a berry picking farm in Richmond or Surrey, or even make a day trip out of it and drive out to Langley or Chilliwack.

3. Kick it low key at the Roof Garten patio lounge

Lounge around with your significant other at this not-so-average roof-top garden over food and cocktails. This pop-up lounge is only open until November, so visit while you still can!

4. Go cliff jumping at Lynn Canyon

Studies have shown that when one is exposed to fear, they tend to find a particular person more sexually attractive. Jump out of your comfort zone at The Circuit at Lynn Canyon! Do something daring with your P.I.C. and fall in love all over again.

photo cred - @sutherland604

5. Let the chemistry happen at Science World

This one might sound a little nerdy, but you'll be surprised by how much fun you two will have doing quirky science challenges together. Then end the day by grabbing a scoop of Earnest while walking around False Creek and watching the sun go down.

6. Do a tasting at the Yaletown Distilling Company

If you two are gin and/or vodka enthusiasts, why not get educated at the Yaletown Distillery tasting rooms on how they're made? Possibly even buy a bottle to bring home and save for later activities ;)

7. Set up a romantic evening at Whytecliff Park

Tucked right around Horseshoe Bay, Whytecliff Park is quaint and quiet. The perfect place to have a romantic candle-lit picnic at sunset with your special someone.

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