The only thing that everyone in the universe can 100% agree on is the fact that Friends was the best damn thing to ever happen to this planet. Life lost it's meaning and I've been in a constant state of disarray since 2004.

Whether you're heading back to university for another semester or just starting out this fall, knowing which Friends character your school is will no doubt be the most wildly important thing you'll learn all year.

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1. UBC // Ross Geller

Is anyone really that surprised though? Ross is smart, and can never stop talking about how smart he is. It's usually the same with UBC students, and most can't go a whole conversation without letting the person they're talking to know that they go to UBC. It's not all bad, though. Ross may be a nerdy know it all, but everyone still loves him.

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2. Langara // Phoebe Buffay

An artsy person for an artsy school. Phoebe is the original hipster, and an all around eccentric person, just like many Langara students. Smelly Cat was the true anthem of a generation, and on a level of greatness that the music students can only aspire to one day reach.

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3. SFU // Monica Geller

SFU student's obsessive need to compete and bicker with UBC students over which school is better is no doubt reminiscent of the sibling arguments between Monica and Ross. Both know that it's pointless, yet it continues on forever and ever anyways.

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4. Douglas College // Joey Tribbiani

Since a large number of people treat Douglas as a place to get credits before transitioning to another university later on, Douglas tends to not have quite the same level of stress as some universities. Much like Joey, the atmosphere is more relaxed and laid back, while also encouraging a bunch of activities and clubs for people to take part in, something that Joey is always on board for.

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5. KPU // Ursula Buffay

If KPU was any character, it would have to be Phoebe's snarkier, less artsy twin. Much like how Phoebe is Langara, KPU is Ursula due to the fact that it's still sorta kinda artsy, but not nearly as artsy as Langara. The students are also generally less approachable at KPU, much like the grumpier Ursula, which might have something to do with the fact that KPU students have to wait in line for half an hour at the campus Tim Horton's because there's a permanent line up of highschoolers hanging out on their lunch break. Just sayin'.

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6. Capilano University // Rachel Green

Rachel is always stuck in the middle of everything, but at the same time, everyone still loves her, or at least has a neutral opinion of her. This is the same for Capilano. It's almost unheard of for anyone to have a bad opinion of this university, because if anything, most people just don't think about it enough to have anything mean to say.

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7. BCIT // Chandler Bing

Not quite as pretentious as Ross, but getting close. BCIT students are also typically thought of as being know it alls, but to a lesser extent than UBC. Much like how Chandler uses his wit to unintentionally take the attention off of the fact that he's secretly smart, BCIT students do the same. They don't try to flaunt their knowledge on purpose, which is the big difference between Chandler and Ross. Also, BCIT students spend so much time in school that they're probably too tired to care anyways.

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8. University of the Fraser Valley // Gunther

UFV earns the title of Gunther since it tends to hang out more in the background, but is still always watching and lurking from afar. UFV is definitely more out of the way then some of the other universities, and because of this, usually tends to end up getting nearly forgotten, like Gunther.

Poor Gunther.

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