You and your foodie significant other have been to Cloud 9 in West End, Miku in Coal Harbour, Bauhaus in Gastown, even Hawksworth on Georgia. Dating a foodie you definitely get to experience the best of the best that Vancouver restaurants have to offer.

But let’s be real, a restaurant is a restaurant is a restaurant, and that’s all you guys ever do. It’s about time to spice up date night by doing something other than dinner at a restaurant.

Here are 11 Vancouver places to take your foodie on a date that they’ll love! And don’t worry, I promise you can still take “bomb” foodie photos for the gram.

photo cred - @emaju

1. Pig out at the Vancouver Night Markets

Eat your heart out at the Richmond Night Market! As one of the biggest food markets in North America, it kills the game with over 500 food items from more than 100 different food vendors! Open every weekend from May 13 – October 10. And if you’re looking to turn up with your foodie on a Friday night, head over to the Shipyard’s Night Market for amazing food, live music and yes, a beer garden. Open every Friday from May 6 to September 30, not a single weekend will go dry.

2. Hire a personal chef to cook your food at home!

Instead of going to a restaurant, why not bring the restaurant to you? Vancouver is saturated with talented chefs that are willing to provide their tip-top culinary services to you in the comfort of your own home! Hire your own Emeril Legasse for date night online through personal chef services such as MiumMium or Gaea Foods.

photo cred - @jay.tea

3. Get day drunk at a local winery

If your girl or your man likes to dine, they probably also like to wine. Visit a local winery such as Vancouver Urban Winery and do a tasting of BC’s best grapes, or better yet, make an entire day drinking trip out of it! Visit vineyards in Langley or Abbotsford such as Singletree Winery or Backyard Vineyards to get romantically lost in acres and acres of vineyard and get wine drunk.

4. Throw a personalized picnic

Grab take out from all your foodie’s favourite restaurants, or even chef it up yourself, pack it all into a cute picnic basket and bring it to Stanley Park, English Bay, Ambleside, Jericho, Spanish Banks, or even Wreck Beach.

photo cred - @dinerenblanc.van

5. Get classy at Le Dîner en Blanc

If you’ve always dreamt of attending an all-white party because your favorite movie is White Chicks, well you can. Le Dîner en Blanc is an elegant, all-white dining experience where participants show up to a secret location to enjoy a “chic picnic”. The only catch is that signing up for a lengthy waitlist is required to be able to attend this event, but there’s no better time to sign up than the present!

photo cred - @sisterpigeon

6. Take your foodie on a blind date at Dark Table

Now that you’ve had dinner in all white, why not have dinner in pitch black? Okay fine, so this one is a restaurant…but I promise it won’t be like any other restaurant you’ve been too. Dark Table serves up a unique dining experience where guests eat in complete darkness, intensifying their sense of sound, smell, touch and taste. Ready for a blind date?

photo cred - @tacofino

7. Be a tourist in your own city with Vancouver Foodie Tours

Sometimes it gets tiring keeping up with your foodie’s grub game. Let Vancouver Foodie Tours take the wheel on this one, offering tasting tours all around Vancouver, including Granville Island, Gastown, and even food truck tours. Get the best of Vancouver’s goodies in two hours.

photo cred - @kayjeanjohn

8. Unleash your inner chef with a cooking class at The Dirty Apron

If your foodie S/O loves to eat, better start learning how to cook! The Dirty Apron offers a variety of exciting culinary classes that range from Miso Sake Sablefish to Ricotta Herb Gnocchi. Get ready to cook up a storm and show off your kitchen chops!

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