Richmond (or Ditchmond, as it's so fondly referred to) was a pretty sweet place to grow up. We had the sweet McDonald's on No. 3 road which was the ultimate destination for birthday parties, along with all of the parks and pools a kid could ever hope for. Also, ditches. So many ditches.

From Steveston to Bridgeport, everyone who grew up in Richmond no doubt has very similar memories of what it was like to be raised in the city. Whether you loved it or hated it, these eight signs you grew up in Richmond are all too real.

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1. Trying to convince your parents to take you for screamers at Danny's Market every chance you got

Screamers are hands down the best drink in the entire world. Pretty much a Slurpee layered with thick vanilla ice cream, they're the ultimate summer drink and if you've never had one, you need to change that immediately. Also, Danny's Market has the best pizza and hotdog rolls EVER.

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2. Swimming at Southarm pool everyday during the summer

One of the biggest struggles as a kid was trying to decide which waterslide to go down first at Southarm pool. Not to mention lingering around all day waiting for someone to be done using a raft or pool noodle so that you could finally have your turn.

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3. Being so stoked when Aberdeen Centre opened because the two dollar store there is absolute fire.

Aberdeen Centre is unlike any mall you have ever been to. There's the fountain that does a light and water show, Daiso, and a store that only sells toilets. Arguably the best thing to ever come to Richmond.

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4. Always begging your parents to let you watch a movie whenever you went to Richmond Centre

You always had to pass right by the Famous Players whenever you entered the mall, which always led to 20 minutes of you begging your parents to let you see whatever the newest movie was.

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5.Always being irrationally afraid of falling in to a ditch

Richmond has an absurd amount of ditches, so at some point in your life, you've probably gone ditch hopping. There's no thrill quite like taking a running jump towards it and praying that you don't fall into the sludge and garbage beneath you.

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6.Going to Splash in Steveston and wanting to buy everything

That huge rubber duck sign played an important role in every Richmond kid's childhood, because whenever you saw it, it meant you were about to have the best day ever. They somehow always managed to have the best toys and random knick knacks.

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7.You still remember when Steveston Community Park had that tiny wading pool which seemed like the best thing in the world at the time

Sure, it was filled with bandaids and leaves and plastic wrappers, but it was still the best.

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8.For some reason, Lansdowne seemed a lot cooler when you were younger

This is most likely due to the fact that it has that ancient Toys R Us, since that is still the only place I go to when I visit Lansdowne and probably the best thing in that entire mall.

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