Everyone has encountered a man child at some point in their life, whether you've dated one personally, or have just been an onlooker to someone else's train wreck of a relationship with one.

On the outside, they probably wear suits and have a nice car that they love in a disturbingly romantic way. On the inside though, they are an infant. Worse than an infant, even, because at least small children don't project their own insecurities on to you.

If your significant other does any of the following on a regular basis, take a step back and see if maybe he's actually just a small little baby in a sad, adult man's body. Ain't no one got time for man babies.

1.He doesn't introduce you to his friends

Why doesn't he want to share the best thing that has ever happened to him with his closest friends? Likely because his friends know too much of the shady stuff he's done and he's scared that someone will let one of his secrets slip. Major red flag.

2. He gets mad when you succeed

If you're doing better than him in life and he's pissed about it, he is 100% a man child. Sorry. He just is. Why wouldn't you support your significant other if they're working hard and accomplishing things that they're proud of? Homeboy is most likely just jealous that he isn't fulfilling his dreams, and taking it out on you.

3. When you ask him where he wants to eat and he says anywhere, but when you suggest something, he says no

If he does this, it's possible he's just super immature and not a man child just yet. This is something a two year old would do though, so proceed with caution. Having tacos when he's really feeling sushi isn't going to kill him, so why is he making such a huge deal out of it? Plus if he actually wanted sushi instead, he should've just said that in the first place.

4. He's all talk

Is he really going to be a millionaire by the time he's 25? Is his mix tape actually fire though? Is he genuinely taking you to the Bahamas one day? If he talks about his goals constantly, but does nothing at all to work towards them, he's a man child. And he's never going to take you to the Bahamas.

5. He doesn't stand up for you

Let's say he actually has introduced you to his friends, and you're all hanging out together. One of them says something stupid and offensive to you, and you immediately flash your boyfriend the look that says, "Are you gonna tell him off or what?". Instead, he laughs it off and says nothing. You can obviously handle yourself, but by not sticking up for you, he's now made it seem totally okay for them to say anything they want to you. Completely annoying.

6. He tells you that you look better with make up on

Do you think I roll out of bed in the morning with this perfect highlight? With this contour? Not even close, and I couldn't care less if some guy who hasn't worn deodorant in three days thinks I look better with make up on. Is he going to fall out of love with you if he sees you bare faced? He might mean well, but his "compliment" is something a fifteen year old boy would say.

7. You aren't allowed to go places without him

Surprise! Your boyfriend is actually your babysitter now. He doesn't want you going clubbing without him in case guys hit on you, because apparently you are just entirely incapable of telling them you aren't interested.

8. He purposefully tries to make you jealous

What is this going to accomplish though? So what if you're going out for lunch with Becky with the good hair? Do you think trying to make me jealous is going to somehow make me more attracted to you? Naaaaaaaah, man. Nah.

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