As Pemberton Music Festival came and went this past weekend, I think most of us can say it was an absolute success. Naturally, I have to admit, it was a time of both magic and misery. As we look back on the weekend, start our loads of laundry, enjoy our first shower, and lay back in our warm beds, let's recall both the good and the ugly of the festivities, shall we?

If you're one of the lucky festival goers who got to experience the entire weekend, including all of its ups and downs, then here we have it: a list of things that probably went through your head this weekend.

1. What if my entire life was a music festival?

So it's the first day of Pemberton. Everyone's smiling, enjoying the sunshine, cracking a beer, and setting up camp. I mean, what more could you want? At any given moment, you and all your best friends will begin dancing their way to your favourite artist. There isn't a worry in the world and suddenly you realize you never want to go back to reality. Then day 4 rolls around and those smiley faces are a lot harder to come by.

2. The double rainbow

This was definitely a moment to remember - or at least thanks to the epic pictures taken of it. I think there's quite a telling Youtube video of a very similar moment involving some mushrooms you can check out if you missed it.

3. Where's my tent?

At some point, a few reckless souls figured out how to untie the massive balloons marking the campsite areas, which made for an interesting adventure for many of us later that night stumbling our way back to our tents.

4. Food

Maybe a more appropriate way of phrasing this would be, "What does food taste like again?". The food trucks had pretty high quality options and for the most part nailed the food as a result. However, $12 for a slice of kraft cheese between a hotdog bun doesn't always cut it. Next time, go for the perogies.

5. Crying during your favourite artist

Without a doubt, this years lineup was incredible and, for the most part, there wasn't too much conflict when choosing what band to see at a time. The lineup each day was stacked, resulting in almost 6-8 hours a day of incredible music and entertainment. For many of us, I'm not sure if these were tears of joy, or part of your acid trip.

6. I need a shower

But, hey, who doesn't. This is when you need to get creative with those extra water bottles, or shuttle in to whistler and take advantage of your friends hotel room. On the upside, the shower lineup at the festival gave a whole new meaning to shower beer. You'll probably have to drastically lower your standards to include 3 day old body paint by the end of the festival.

7. When your poncho is life

At first, the idea of wearing a full body plastic bag in the middle of a crowd is daunting. But after experiencing this weekend, wearing a full body plastic bag in a crowd of other people wearing a full body plastic bag isn't so bad and you're probably glad to not be soaking wet.

8. The scenery

Mount Currie is an astonishing view to wake up to every morning, that's for sure. You may not remember what sobriety feels like after a while, but the stunning mountain caps and greenery surrounding the music festival is something you'll never forget. And the fireworks at the end of Pearl Jam, well, you had to be there.

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