We all know how hard dating in Vancouver can be and lately it feels like the city got a hell of a lot smaller. Its like every time I leave the house I run into someone I know. Now, by no means in that a bad thing. We all love an accidental run in with a good friend, but its when you start running into your ex's and your friends ex's thats when things are getting out of hand.

Being single is an open invitation to hang out at all and any bars in Vancouver and to avoid meeting the same guys over and over again I always try to make a habit out of going to new places downtown. So, based on my experience, I put together a list of guys you will meet at various bars around the city so if your looking for Mr. Right, maybe he is at one of these bars. You can send the wedding invitation to my email :)

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Twelve West

Age: 20-30

Occupation: "Self-employed"

Hobbies: Shopping for all white clothing, walking their small dog in Yaletown and ordering bottle service on the weekends.

Looking for: Curvy girl that looks amazing in a cotton pencil skirt and matching crop top, has a bachelors degree and loves to cook.

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The Met

Age: 19-25

Occupation: Student, works part time at a store on 4th Ave

Hobbies: Skateboarding, getting high, crushing beers with the boys

Looking for: A girl who is "one of the boys", smokes weed and loves house parties.

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Yaletown Brewing Campany

Age: 28-32

Occupation: Something in finance, or marketing.

Hobbies: Watching sports with his buddies, drinking craft beers, taking vacations, hiking, nice watches.

Looking for: A cute girl who is drastically younger then him to travel with, must have her own ambitions.

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Occupation: Bartender/busser.

Hobbies: RE-UP! Wearing their friends clothing labels, having their picture taken at the club, swiping right.

Looking for: Multiple women to fill his roster.

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Fortune Sound Club

Age: 21-25

Occupation: Designer

Hobbies: Day drinking at third beach, riding bikes, drinking Hey Ya'll and putting together his master plan to take over the Vancouver Fashion scene.

Looking for: Someone who lives within a 20 minute bike ride from him, smokes weed, has a bike and her own goals.

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The Cambie Pub

Age: 19-23

Occupation: Student (currently just travelling)

Hobbies: Traveling, doing yoga, drinking cheap beer, meeting new people and being at one with himself.

Looking for: Currently not looking to be attached but someone to spend a few days with while he is in town is always accepted.

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Occupation: Works for his dad.

Hobbies: Bottle service, white cars, going to the gym, drinking too many protein shakes.

Looking for:  Girl who spends most of her time at the gym so he can show her off when they go out. She probably likes dogs and spending time with family.

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The Warehouse

Age: 21-29

Occupation: Works at dispensary

Hobbies: Skateboarding, getting tattooed, smoking weed, Instagram modelling and doing shots.

Looking for: Short, thin tattooed girl that is really good at make-up and always looks amazing.

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