If the sight of flat surfaces and fluffy pillows has started to turn you on, it's time to take a nap.

Every semester begins with new clothes and a fresh, "I can handle this" mantra. Perhaps you’ve overdosed on youtube tutorials and learned to contour your cheekbones? Or maybe you’ve finally figured out how to actually use your iPhone calendar?

But as exams and essays roll in, self appearance and organization takes a backseat to the hunt for sleep. Who cares if you show up to your last class with bed-head, and bug eyes? We’re all in this together.

For all the commuters and people with tight schedules, here are 8 places on campus to catch some Zs:

Photo cred- @redbeanli

1. Irving K Barber Learning Center

Drift off to the soft lullaby of awkward group projects and chatty friends trying to study. An added bonus: there are so many drained students here that your napping body won’t even stick out.

Photo cred- @dangruchy 

2. Aquatic Centre

Chlorine infused air and the steady beat of senior citizens swimming laps makes this the perfect snooze spot. I heard about this place on my very first day on campus, so you know it’s tried and tested.

Photo cred- @stilldu

3. The Nest

A new addition to the campus, hike all the way up the stairs and you’ll find a sleepy paradise.

Photo cred- @haradocore

4. Walter C. Koerner Library

The windowless jail vibe of this library's underground floors will make your eyes droop. I’ve had two of my deepest campus naps here: one at a wooden desk cubicle and one on the couches near the magazine racks. I’d go for the latter if neck cramps aren’t your thing.

Photo cred- @kristynavogel

5. The Sociology Building

Next to the MOA, this cozy little building flies under the radar. With a carpeted amphitheater and an aura of earthy silence, this is the perfect spot for a siesta.

Photo cred- @placevanier

6. Place Vanier Commons Block

This commons block has so many little shaped sofas it’s like bed Lego; ultimate comfort. If you’re not in first year anymore, who cares about your reputation here? Splay yourself out and get your nap on.

Photo cred- @salinaaas

7. Wreck Beach

If you’re willing to make the trek to wreck, you can doze with the waves. Bring a blanket and check out of reality for a few hours.

Photo cred- @raviaaora

8. Somebody’s Dorm Room

What are friends for? 

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