Cafes are the ideal location for a first date. There's very little pressure since it's such a relaxed environment to begin with, and plus it's way cheaper than taking them out for, let's say, a lobster dinner.

If you're looking for some laid back date locations that are still super impressive and classy, why not check out one of these cute little cafes? Even if they date ends horribly, at least you got some good coffee out of it. Maybe even a pastry too, if you're really lucky.

Photo cred- @sugogo

1. Nelson the Seagull // 315 Carrall St

If your date loves either toast or avocados, then they'll be in heaven at Nelson the Seagull. Avocado toast the perfect thing to go with your handcrafted latte, and plus the whole cafe has a cute, vintage decor.

Photo cred- @tangentdaniel

2. Bel Cafe // 801 W Georgia St

With all pastries baked in store and a wide selection of sandwiches, this is the perfect place to take someone if you want to get to know them. Order a coffee first, and if it goes well, stay and have something to eat together.

Photo cred- @joshkolm

3. 49th Parallel // 2902 Main St

Although it's almost constantly busy, 49th Parallel is so worth it. The cute, blue cups and wide selection of delicious doughnuts is guaranteed to impress your date.

Photo cred-@qiankeruo

4. Thierry // 1059 Alberni St

If you're looking to take them on a coffee date that is far beyond average, Thierry is a must. Their macarons are incredible, and they have a wide selection of delicious drinks from coffee to lemonade, so your date guaranteed to find something they'll like.

Photo cred-@themessagecafe

5. The Message Cafe // 75 E Pender St

This bike-themed cafe is, of course, bike friendly, so why not bike the seawall with your date and then travel on over to grab a coffee, or maybe even some beer?

Photo cred- @retrobanks

6. Baguette & Co // 2509 Main St

Baguette & Co is the ultimate environment for a relaxed date. The coffee and pastries are delicious and unique, and each drink comes with a tiny square of dark chocolate as an added bonus.

Photo cred- @foodcouver

7. Thomas Haas // 2539 W. Broadway

Famous for their impressive pastries, Thomas Haas is the perfect date spot if you want something to eat in addition to your coffee, but don't want to commit to a lunch date.

Photo cred- @buro_coffee

8. Buro Coffee // 346 Water St

The cafe itself is filled with a raw wood decor and tons of natural lighting, creating a stress-free environment that's perfect for first dates. Choose from breads, muffins, pastries and more to accompany your drink.

Photo cred- @spring.510

9. Caffe Cittadella // 2310 Ash St

Perfect if you're looking for some gluten-free baked goods, Caffe Cittadella routinely has morning line ups because it's just that good. With drinks made to perfection every single time, stop on by with that special someone.

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