Sometimes it's fun to live on the edge, and they do say that you fall in love the most when you feel at danger.

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Vancouver can sometimes feel lenient when it comes to enforcing certain bylaws, but there are some that are a little archaic, some that'll make you go "WTF?", and others that are totally practical, but not like you care anyway.

So we've come up with a list of date ideas that you could do with your bae that could possibly get you into a bit of trouble, but we're totally not encouraging. Rather, we'll just leave them here for your perusing.

1. Getting day drunk at Kits Beach.

You've probably already done it, and good news for us, apparently BC is planning to implement a new Liquor Control and Licensing Act that might allow booze in public as of next.  But for now, public intoxication is still illegal in BC.

2. Having car sex in Stanley Park...or anywhere really.

If it so happens that a kid under 16 walks passed, sees you, and say, reports it, you could do time for up to 90 days for public indecency.

3. Sneak a bottle of wine into the movie theatres.

Refer to #1. Yup, still illegal.

4. Going for a day trip to the Island and having a snow ball fight.

Apparently in Esquimalt, near Victoria on Vancouver Island, it is prohibited to throw snow balls within city limits.

5. Fool around playing with a Ouiji board.

According to nation-wide laws, apparently it's totally illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft.

6. Sneaking into an old abandoned building.

This one's a tricky one, but depending on where you go, visiting some of these establishments could result in a break-and-enter charge.

7. Having a staycation at a local Airbnb.

It turns out that 97% of Airbnb listings in Vancouver are actually illegal, as most do not abide my short-term rental regulations.

8. Light up your own fireworks.

As you might now, it is illegal to light your own fireworks in Vancouver in public and on private property. The only day it is allowed is Halloween. But you should also probably check if your municipality allows it.

9. Vape up at a park.

As of this year, it became illegal for people to vape in public spaces.

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