We've written about women in this city endlessly, and the truth still holds: Vancouver women are beautiful.

But her beauty is so much more than skin deep. She's got a way of showing you the diversity in Vancouver culture, unveiling the beauty in the rainy weather, and making you work harder for something meaningful in your life. Shout out to all my Vancouver girls because you're definitely doing something right.

Not that one really needs much convincing as to why you need a Vancouver lady in your life, but here are just a few of many ways that she is amazing:

1. She is a boss lady.

To some, Vancouver may seem like a laid back city in comparison to New York, Toronto or LA. But the truth is, Vancouver is small, so the competition is tight. And because Vancouver girls dream big, they are goal setters and dream achievers. Her work ethic will inspire you to work hard and be better at what you do, and isn't that the goal in everyone's life anyway? To be better? Your Vancity girl will always support you and be your partner in crime when it comes to furthering yourself and your endeavors, because she knows the hustle is real.

2. But she also knows how to chill.

Like I said, Vancouver can still be quite relaxed. But I think we've got the work-life balance thing pretty well figured out. Even though your Vancouver girl puts in work, she knows when to unplug, just kick back and spend some quality Netflix and chill time with you.

3. She is prepared for anything and always ready for change.

One thing that people in Vancouver love to talk about is the weather...but only because it's actually something to talk about! We experience all four seasons in the span of 24 hours which means we always have to be prepared for all types of weather. As your Vancouver girl is ready and prepared for all seasons, she is ready for change in all aspects of life and prepared for any challenges that might come her way. An umbrella ready in her Matt & Nat backpack for the sudden afternoon rain? Check. An open mind if she suddenly decides to drop everything and move to Australia? Also check.

4. She looks great all year-round.

Speaking of the crazy constantly changing weather, your Vancity girl knows how to dress her best for every season. A little rain and a little snow never stopped her from rocking her cute ankle booties and her adorable Aritzia turtleneck sweater. Yes, you might catch her wearing a pair of Lulu tights here and there, but we promise it's because we're actually working out! And even if we are wearing tights, at least we know how to dress them up in style.

5. She'll change the way you look at food.

For some, food is just food - simply a means of sustenance. But with the ever expanding food scene in Vancouver, your girl knows just what to eat and how to eat.  She knows exactly where to get the absolute freshest sashimi, the best bang-for-your-buck brunch, the most IG worthy cafe and the most satisfying late night munchies. You might have to wait for her to take a few shots for the 'gram but you'll thank her later.

6. She'll also change the way you look at the outdoors.

If you don't already love nature, your west coast girl will change that. We've got a pretty strong "West Coast, Best Coast" mentality, but how could we not? From Vancouver's awe-inspiring mountains to the vast, wild oceans, there is so much to love and appreciate about mother nature's provisions in the city. She'll take you out hiking at the Chief, biking around Stanley Park, jogging around False Creek and probably an awesome outdoor adventure all the way on the Island.

7. She'll give you a serious case of the travel bug

People from Vancouver are constantly travelling, either to see their sister in Seattle, their dad in Hong Kong, their cousin in Sydney or their aunt in London. Likewise, your Vancouver girl is constantly going from city to city, and with the healthy amount of travel bloggers she follows on Instagram, the wanderlust is real. She wants to experience new cultures, learn about the world and open her eyes to new things. Don't be surprised when all of a sudden she wants to go on an impromptu trip to Barcelona. Because, why not?

8. She's open-minded.

With the awesome diversity that is our city, Vancouver girls are very accepting of all different types of people from all different walks of life. She's got friends all over the city who come from different backgrounds and live different lives. You might just catch her supporting her best friend at the Pride Parade, decked out in twisty balloons and technicolor face paint, or trying out a new vegan restaurant in Mount Pleasant that serves better-than-meat tofu and dairy-free cheese.

9. She'll make you fall in love with her and Vancouver...over and over again.

A Vancouver girl knows how to have fun even in the rain (and there's a lot of it), find adventure in the wild, and excitement in what can sometimes feel routine in a city dweller's life. She knows how to bring out the best of the city and the best qualities in yourself that you never knew you had. She'll make you see the dazzling beauty that reflects from the city lights in the puddles of rain that blanket the streets.

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