Rihanna said it best. All you do is werk, werk, werk, werk, and werk. And for most of us who work in offices, and unfortunately aren't luck enough to have a corner desk, we are subject to being confined in a lonely grey cubicle. And I guess it's not that you're actually literally confined to your cubicle, but the design of the office does sure make it feel that way.

But there are some real architecture and interior design MVPs out here in Vancouver who are coming up with new, innovative, creative and open spaces for offices that defy your expectations of what your 9 to 5 should look like. And they're definitely making clients happy, and their employees even happier.

If you've never had a chance to work for these companies, then you've probably never seen the inside of their offices. And if you have had the chance to work with them, then we are very, very jealous. Here are 9 super cool offices spaces in Vancouver that make you wish you worked there.

Hootsuite // Mount Pleasant

Currently with three locations, the Hootsuite offices are what the Pacific North West are made of - working spaces made private with camping tents, wood cabin like walls, intricate and whimsical murals by local talent Ola Volo, and draft beer on tap.

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Slack // Yaletown

You can't get more awesome than your office having it's own cafe, like a kitchen that has the vibe of an actual coffee shop with a real espresso machine. None of that drip coffee BS. Okay, and of course the Slack offices' unique, rollable working booths are pretty freaking tight too.

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Werklab // Strathcona

You actually don't have to be all that jealous about this work space because you can actually work here! Werklab is a space for freelancing professionals and entrepreneurs who need a place to work. They call it the "modern-day work club".

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Eventbase // Yaletown

Bike racks, lots of beanie cushions, an in house barista, and 12 ft. wide movie theatre space for "work" presentations, Eventbase had Vancouver at bike racks. Okay, and barista.

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Mozilla Labs // Gastown

A lot of natural lighting, meeting rooms that look like lego blocks, and innovative working spaces that are changing the way a "normal" office should look like, I'd be a pretty happy Mozilla employee if I worked here.

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Rennie Art Gallery and Offices // Gastown

An art gallery and an office - the two words just don't seem to go together. But The Rennie Art Gallery and Offices take the best of both worlds, from rooftop garden patios, to indoor garden boardrooms, to kitchens that look like they might as well be a Douglas Coupland art installation.

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EA Canada // Burnaby

As one of the largest video game studios in the world with over 25,000 employees, you can't not install a full size soccer field in your office backyard. And of course they would have a full size basketball court, gym, arcade and massive theatre like space to watch sports on.

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Lululemon Head Office // Kitsilano

The only place you can work and not be judged for wearing your favourite pair of Lulu tights. With a lot of open space, a lot of greenery, and entire studios dedicated to yoga, Lululemon's head office keeps their employees namastay, even on a Monday.

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ACL // Downtown

Who wouldn't want to work at a bright and vibrant office space with an insane patio? They've even got beer on tap! For a company with a pretty serious job, they've got a pretty chill environment to help their employees destress.

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