Boys. can't live with them, can't live without them. You've probably dated one, or two, or all, of these guys in Vancouver. Emphasis on past-tense, "dated", because something about them just didn't work out.

By all means, they were probably nice guys. They were all fun and exciting at some point, or something about them was just intriguing and alluring, and you couldn't stay away. Of course until you came to your senses and realized you guys just weren't a good match.

So ladies, here are the list of guys you either dated, or your girl friends dated, that you should probably just avoid the first time around.

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1. The Granville Fvckboy

He's on Granville every other night, giving girls a holla on their hotline bling, asking if they wanna club tonight. Catch him tryna floss on the strip with his Nikes or Adidas Tubulars, a Supreme t-shirt in the summer or a Stussy bomber jacket in the winter. You know it's his job to hit up all these girls, but no lie, he's always on his phone, and sometimes he's a bit shady with it, which makes you wonder...

2. The IG Gym Rat

He's all about the gains and the glory. He's up at the gym about three times a day and is constantly flexin' on his Instagram (quite literally - every photo is a "progress" selfie). He wears tank tops that are tighter than yours and work out shorts that are shorter than yours. And everything is #chestday #legday #gainsfordays #somebodybuildingcompetitionthey'rein. You tried keeping up with his work outs and his protein-only diet, but you're seriously sore every single day, and you've racked out $400 on cute Nike track suits.

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3. The Herbal Enthusiast

He has a green card, lives right next to a medical marijuana dispensary, and preaches the health benefits of weed when challenged. He is the functional stoner who claims that he can do anything and everything baked. You don't really mind that he blazes, but several times a day is a little excessive. He tries to get you to smoke with him on the daily, but girl, you have school and a job. And whenever you want to do something fun or spontaneous, he always replies "I'm really tired", which is really just code for "I'm really baked".

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4. The Vegan Skater Boy

He's always chillin' with his other skater boys at Leeside and tells you every time you eat meat how disgusting it is. So you quit eating meat and become vegetarian. And then he gives you a long rant about how cows and chickens are mistreated and "know when they're gonna die!", every time you eat ice cream or eat breakfast with eggs. So you become a vegan for him and try to learn how to skate until you realize you can't afford the #veganlife and you're just getting scuffed up all over the place because you don't know how to skate for sh*t.

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5. The Frat Boy

He's probably pretty smart, and also probably pretty good looking too. I mean he goes to school and most likely got recruited by his frat based off his looks. But every other weekend is a mixer, a gala, or some kind of frat party event, and quite honestly, you're getting pretty tired of it. You're not the jealous type, but why's he always chatting it up with other sorority girls? And what is up with him having to run every life decision he makes through his "boys" first?!

6. The Yaletown Yuppie

Let's be honest, the Bentley he rolls up in is pretty sexy. But then again, mommy and daddy's money isn't. He only does valet, and you can't deny that the Ermenegildo Zegna suit paired with his Cartier watch make him all the more attractive. He brings you roses and isn't afraid to order bottle service whenever you guys go out. But don't be surprised when you return from the ladies room and there are already a couple of MILFs trying to steal your man. And wait, what is that? He's giving them his number?

7. The Med Student

This may be bit of a shocker to all of you. He's smart, he's a good boy, he's kind of cute, and his family is pretty well off. What could be wrong with that? Oh you foolish girl. The Med student spends 20 hours a day either studying, sitting in class, or at the hospital, 3 hours sleeping, and only one measly hour talking to you on the phone. He never has time to hang out and whenever you want to go out on the weekends, you can count on him bowing out because he's got a final he needs to study for. I guess "hot doctor" only sounded nice in theory.

8. The Gastown Hipster

He's got a man bun, a beard and is super tatted up. He's all about his craft beers and motorcycles, and hangs out exclusively in Gastown. He probably calls himself a model/photographer, but really only does it for the gram. All he's looking for is a stick thin chick that'll be a nice accessory to his bike, and look cute in all his Instagram photos.

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9. The Actor/Musician/Career Server

You met him when you guys either worked at Earls, Joey's or Cactus. When you guys first met, he said he was an actor/musician when you asked him what he did, but he's also worked in hospitality for like 5 years. You've gone to some of his shows or you've helped him with some of his scripts. He's cute, but he's also always flirting with other server girls and bartender chicks, and there's almost always restaurant drama.

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