Best friends. Every gal pal is unique in her own way. The fun one. The reliable one. The girlie girl. So it got me thinking, if they were drinks what would they be?

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Each drink has its pros and cons and you know what? You're not always going to crave beer. Sometimes you need to kick back with a wine cooler and that's okay!

So get your gal pal line up going. Who's who?


She's a guys girl. Always down to play disc golf and bocce during the day and watch the game (any game) at night. She's your friend who scoffs at the chicks with fake eyelashes on a Tuesday. Will likely drink you under the table.

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Your reliable friend. She's always consistent. She's always got your back. She'll consistently ask you things like, "Who do we hate?" and has helped you get through every single break up.

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Gin & Tonic

Your classy friend. Owns way too many LBDs. Always knows about galas that are happening in the city. Loves cocktail bars but not pubs. Exclusively dates investors.


Rum & Coke

Probably a pirate.

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Tequila Shots

The party girl. The one who is always giving you a serious case of FOMO through her Instagram and Snapchat stories. She has no inhibitions and can boot and rally better than any of your other friends.

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She's pretty vanilla. Creature of habit. Wants a boyfriend like, yesterday. Hopes to find one by drinking cosmos at the bar and referring to herself as "Carrie" even though her name is probably Karen.

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The only girl allowed in the man cave. Likes her Dad better than her Mom. Only had brothers growing up. Lives in Blundstones.

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Any kind of wine cooler

The BFF who gets drunk off one drink. Can't take shots without squinting. Hates the taste of whiskey, wonders why she's always hungover, thinks "icing" people is still cool.

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