Vancouver is, no doubt, a beautiful and vibrant city with people of all different backgrounds and all different walks of life. But of course, birds of a feather flock together, and what you get is neighbourhoods with clusters of certain types of people.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair to sum up these neighbourhoods all on my own. So I went out and asked you guys, all around the city, to sum up your own and each others' neighbourhoods in one sentence, and this is what I got.

Is your neighbourhood on the list?

Coal Harbour

Suits and $58 million luxury apartments.

West End

Davie St, a lot of rainbows, people who work in hospitality, and 2 AM coke parties.


Hipsters, coffee, fashion photo shoots and tourists crowded around a boring steam clock.


Gentrification at its finest.


Stay tuned for more gentrification.


"Omg, the rent here is so cheap!!! What's the catch...oh....."


Yuppies, bougie bars and cougar moms or millennials who have been on way too many Tinder dates.


White people in flip flops and Lululemon going to Whole Foods.

West Point Grey

OG Vancouverites and Chinese investment properties.


Newly weds and nearly deads, mega mansions, and a Dairy Queen (ask for the Dunbar Special).

Granville Island

Art students, tourists, and elementary school field trips.


A quaint neighbourhood bustling with old people, Asian kids and lambos....oh yes, and high tea dates.


A parking lot for Richmond kids going into downtown.


Private schools and snobby rich kids.

Killarney/Champlain Heights

"Stick to the main roads and don't go behind the rec centre."


Aspiring NBA players and the best pizza in the world.

Mount Pleasant

Hipsters, gluten-free everything, and then glutenous craft beer.

False Creek

Daddy's money millennials, Earnest Ice Cream and Science World (Yes, Science World, not the Telus World of Science).


Chinese people and the airport.

West Vancouver

10,000 square feet/person and a 7/11 that isn't open 24/7.

North Vancouver

Lonsdale Quay and hiking pictures #explorebc #vancity #fitfam #aspiringphotographer

South Burnaby

Drug dealers and pho.

North Burnaby

Poor transit and a well hidden oil refinery.


Koreans who know how to make freaking amazing fried chicken.

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