There is nothing more attractive than a man who is educated. But more often than not, the men of each university have got their own knacks.

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So ladies, be prepared. These are your schools, and this is your dating field.


Faculty: Sciences

Hobbies: Driving dad's car, getting drunk and setting bonfires at Wreck Beach, pulling all nighters at IKB, and kickin' at the house with his Frat boys

Looking for: Hot girls to go to his frat parties

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Faculty: Beedie School of Business

Hobbies: Networking, going to various networking events, and reading Bloomberg from his phone

Looking for: A boss girl. Must look hot in a cocktail dress and be able to stand for several hours in cute heels making decent small talk.


Faculty: I.T.

Hobbies: Coding, working on his start-up, and partying...a lot

Looking for:  A chick who can party hard and sit on his shoulders at said raves

Capilano University

Faculty: Music Management

Hobbies: Finding gigs to play at, getting high, looking for old-school vinyl, but mostly getting high

Looking for: A girl who rolls better than he does


Faculty: Culinary Arts

Hobbies: Cooking, making food art, and taking foodie photos to post on IG

Looking for: Someone who will eat their culinary masterpieces and fall asleep to Food Network with

Emily Carr

Faculty: Graphic Design

Hobbies: Sketching, photography, local coffee, anything artsy really

Looking for: A model-esque muse for "inspiration"

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Faculty: Not-yet-determined

Hobbies: Taking life easy, taking off a couple months from school to "figure it out", taking a couple years off from school because he hasn't figured it out yet

Looking for: A vacation fling

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