Anyone who lives or has lived in Vancouver can give it the seal of approval. It's a beautiful city with gorgeous views and friendly people. From the temperate climates to the excellent food scene, who wouldn't want to live in a city like this? Afterall, we are named one of the top most liveable cities in the world.

If you moved here from another city, you probably had some expectations of it as any normal person would. But here is the reality hun, the transportation is not as good as it may advertise itself to be, the housing is extortionate, and the dating scene is simply abysmal. If you're already living, why not laugh along to how Vancouverites actually live?

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Housing 🏡



Moving to the Vancouver, you probably wanted to move into a downtown apartment with floor to ceiling windows so you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains and the oceans all from the comfort of your white suede sofa.

Unfortunately, as soon as you took a look at any apartment rental site, your dreams completely disintegrated. You'd be lucky if you can find a room in a two bedroom apartment for $1,200/ month...and probs not in downtown.

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Food 🍽


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Upon moving to Vancouver, you began following all the foodie Instagrammers like Vancouver Foodie, Team Chomp, Sk_Foodholic, Nomnomyvr, the list is endless. You saw all the incredible food the city has to offer and you were ready to conquer...until you saw how freaking expensive restaurants were.

Let's be real, between your rent and paying for school or your second degree, you can hardly afford Domino's Pizza even when they're doing a deal. 

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Nightlife 💃


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Okay so the nightlife in Vancouver is not the best, but there probably were some nightclubs that you were told are "musts"...until you saw how much drinks and cover costs.

Not that those things aren't expensive elsewhere, but come on, what does Vancouver want from us? We already pay an extortionate amount for everything else! You probs end up going to Lamplighter or Portside before 11 PM so you can get the free cover #noshame #brokelyfe.

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Shopping 🛍


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Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at Forever 21. But all the cute boutiques and pop-up shops in Gastown and Yaletown that you thought you'd shop look at the price tag will have you turning around.

I mean then again, I guess you could. So now the question is, that super cute black Kate Tassel satchel from YSL or having a roof over my head for three months?

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Transportation 🚘


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Vancouver may not be the biggest city ever, but it's definitely no small town. You'd think it'd be big enough that we'd at least have Uber available, but we don't. I mean, you can hardly even hail a cab here.

You'll probably be stuck with a whole lot of Translink here if you don't drive. From buses that are never in service to constant track maintenance at Skytrain stations, we definitely suggest that you at least sign up for Evo or Car2Go.

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Dating 💘


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Moving to a new city means a fresh new batch of new men and women to add to the dating pool. From the hipsters on Main St to the type-As in Coal Harbour, you have so much eye-candy to choose from.

The only problem is...time and time again, Vancouver is said to have one of the WORST dating scenes ever. Girls and guys who are professional ghosters and flakes. Sorry Vancouver, we have a problem.

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