The skytrain is an integral part of many people's commute in the Lower Mainland. However, the skytrain stations are currently limited to only certain areas of the Lower Mainland, which can be frustrating for people.

And with currently over 2.3 million people living in the Greater Vancouver area, the amount of stations we have currently may not seem to be enough; especially when you compare the skytrain map against those of other cities. For example, Vienna has a smaller population than Vancouver, with currently 1.8 million inhabitants, yet the city has more than double the amount of metro stations Vancouver has.

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See for yourself how our current skytrain system measures against other cities around the world. The new Evergreen Line is not yet opened and is expected to start skytrain service before Christmas 2016, and it will add just 7 new stations. There are also a few new skytrain station changes happening on October 22nd, click here for details, but it will not add any new stations.

Vancouver, Canada

47 stations

Moscow, Russia

194 stations

London, England

270 stations

Photo credvisitlondon

Stockholm, Sweden

100 stations

Tokyo, Japan

179 stations

New York City, USA

421 stations

Paris, France

245 stations

Madrid, Spain

300 stations

Photo credUrban Rail

Shanghai, China

263 stations

Vienna, Austria

104 stations


Photo cred – urbanrail

Mexico City, Mexico

163 stations

Photo credMexico Online

Bueno Aires, Argentina

86 stations

Actualización Mapa Red

Photo cred – transitmap

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