First of all, let me just start by saying that this was an all ages music festival in Surrey. So that says a lot to begin with. Being a mid-20s downtown dwelling Vancouverite, I have to psych myself out every time I ride the skytrain from literally one end to the other. Which only happens maybe once a year.

Luckily I was working at the festival taking photos for a local company so I had to be there before the park even opened. Which meant I was able to avoid the hoards of people on the skytrain ride out to the park. But it also meant that I was spending 11 hours a day for 2 days walking around the festival, taking photos, meeting people, running into friends, and that can really wear you out. There's nothing I would rather do right now then sleep for three days straight.

Photo by @paigexsierra

My all access media pass allowed me anywhere in the park without hassle. Any photographers dream. So I spent as much time as I could shooting photos backstage and in the photo pit, just on the other side of the fences in front of the stage. This was undoubtably the best part of the entire festival.

Day one was dope AF. This was my first festival of the season, so naturally I was amped to be back in that environment. The doors opened a little late on Saturday so the music started right away and within minutes, the park was full. Beers were being poured and Rotatoe line ups were already starting. If y'all don’t know this, Rotatoes are those sliced up seasoned potatoes swirled around a stick. Vancouverites love that sh*t! You gotta be outta your mind to wait in line 45 minutes for a potato friends. Find me at the mini donut stand.

Photo by @paigexsierra

Can I talk about festival fashion for a second? Since when is wearing a lace thong bodysuit “festival wear”? Gone are the days of kimonos, high waisted cut off shorts and cute flower crowns. I’m warning you ahead of time just in case you're planning on heading to Pemberton later this month. I don’t want you to be shocked at the amount of pant-less girls and flabby bootys you’ll see for four days straight.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of not wearing pants. I could wear a long shirt and no pants every day of my life, but you certainly won't be seeing me in a one piece lingerie riding up my crotch all day. That's one camel I do not want to meet.

Photo by @paigexsierra

Of course the best part of any festival is the music. Personally I was amped to see Bryson Tiller (I can hear you agreeing with me through the computer) So lucky for you I got some dope snaps of him to share with ya’ll! And of course, day 2 brought us Travis Scott, who in true rockstar fashion, started his set half an hour late. The late start wasn’t much of a problem since waiting for musicians is something music fans are used to. Half way through Travis Scotts’ biggest single “Antidote,” the music and the mic unexpectedly cut out for about 5 minutes. Travis was obviously pissed but kept the crowed amped by getting them to sing the rest of the words. Bless the Travis Scott fans!

All in all, it was a great experience. I met some amazing people, took some awesome photos and listened to some great live music. Safe to say I am now prepared for Pemberton Music Fest!

Check out more photos of the festival on my Instagram @paigexsierra

Photo by @paigexsierra

Photo by @paigexsierra

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