Despite what the media or society has said about women being the overly emotional ones to fall head over heels first, science has proven that old (& inaccurate!) stereotype wrong. There shouldn't be any assumptions based on gender anyways (ugh one can dream...) and let's hope this study is a step in changing that.

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New scientific research has shown that it is men who fall in love faster, not women. So next time someone accuses a women of being overly emotional and falling too quickly, clap back with science.

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A new study 172 college students in The Journal of Social Psychology studied 172 college students and found that heterosexual men not only fall in love first, but also say "I love you" first to their female partners. 

As the study said, "A widely held belief exists that women are more romantic and tend to fall in love faster than men." It went on to confirm the existence of that preconceived notion, saying that the "responses from 172 college students indicated that both men and women believe that women will fall in love and say 'I love you' first in a relationship." But its findings have shattered that assumption. 

So why do men fall in love faster? Biology might just have the answer. Marissa Harrison, a co-author of the study, told Broadly her thoughts. "I think women unconsciously postpone love compared to men," she said. "Women have a lot more to lose reproductively by committing to the wrong man. They are born with a finite number of eggs, yet men produce millions of sperm on a daily basis."

Wow, isn't love just soo romantic? Not every women wants kids or expects it from every relationship though.

Well regardless of who falls first, science just shut down some longstanding gender stereotypes, so cheers to that.

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