Vancouver is an awesome city and I know you are all proud Vancouverites, but no matter how much we love this city there will always be things about it that we just can't stand. Some of those things are just undeniably irritating to any Vancouverite .

We have to put up with these things on a daily basis and of course many of them are things that you feel like you shouldn't have to tell someone not to do. Which is probably what makes them so much more annoying.

So, if you have ever felt irritated by any of these things, you are not alone. This list could probably go on forever but here are 21 pet peeves every Vancouverites has at one point in their lives:

1. People who walk under the awnings even though they are using an umbrella

It's called umbrella etiquette people!! Leave the awnings for those of us who chose to not stab someone in the eye with a useless piece of fabric and metal thats going to end up on the side of the road, broken into pieces in no time.

2. Standing on the left side of the escalator at the Skytrain

Are you fvcking kidding me? This happens at the airport all the time as well. Or the people who stand right next to each other on the escalator and there is a crowd of people piling up behind them. Get out of my way. Real Vancouverites trying to function here!

3. When someone sits right next to you on the bus when there are a hundred open seats

Again, Are you kidding me? There are 15 other open seats and you decide to sit right next to me? I avoid public transit in Vancouver as much as possible, but at least when I have to do it I would appreciate being able to sit there in silence wondering to myself why I still don't have a car. Oh right, because this is Vancouver and all the parking spots are already taken.

4. The smell of Gastown after it rains

How can a place so beautiful smell so horrible? I don't even want to admit the number of times I have seen human sh*t on the sidewalk.

5. People who let their dog sh*t on the sidewalk

Oh here we go. This is one of those major pet peeves that I can't even talk about. First, if you just teach your dog to do its business on the edge of the sidewalk or near one of the many sad looking trees downtown then people would be less likely to step in that warm pile of digested dog food that your "best friend" left behind. Second, bring some damn poop bags with you. Those things are $1.25 at the dollar store.

6. The fact that we STILL don't have Uber

I am a big fan of Uber, but if you haven't left Vancouver in a few years you might not have had a chance to experience how great of a service it is! I swear it will change your life for the better. There is a petition online you can sign to help bring Uber to Vancouver, find it here.

7. People who think they can get on the skytrain before the people who are trying to get off

Isn't this an unwritten transit rule around the world by now?

8. The traffic downtown anytime there is an event at Rogers Arena or BC Place

It should never take me 20 minutes to get from Carrall to Nelson on Quebec St. 

9. When someone says they are from Vancouver but they actually live in Burnaby

Pshhhhh! Go home. 

10. Finding out that the guy/girl you like already slept with someone you know

Yep, that sucks. 

11. The hoards of people with selfie sticks at the Steam Clock in Gastown

On a personal level, I want everyone to know how much I dislike the Steam Clock. Although it appears to have been constructed in the 1800s, it was built in 1977, particularly to help keep homeless people from sleeping on the warm steam grate. People are obsessed with that thing.

12. Cabs

Don't even bother calling, it will never show up. And you'll be lucky is anyone stops to pick you up if you try to flag them down anywhere but Granville street.

13. Granville Street

Granville street on the weekends is like someone just let all the animals out of the zoo.

14. The weather

You wouldn't be a Vancouverite if you didn't have a strong opinion about the weather every now and then.

15. Traffic on the Lions Gate Bridge

Four lanes of traffic pushed into one lane over the bridge, this is my least favourite place to get stuck in traffic in Van.

16. Drum circles

I just want to enjoy my day off at the beach without having to feel forced to listening to that all day.

17. 16 years olds driving $100k cars

This is way too common in Vancouver.

18. When people tell you they are Vegan

You told me 20 minutes ago, I haven't forgotten.

19. People who walk in the bike lane

Is it not obvious that there would be two lanes of traffic on the seawall? I actually don't want to hit you with my bike today.

20. People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk

It goes both ways. Lead by example and don't ride your bike on the sidewalk if you don't want people walking in the bike lane.

21. When your driving and a cyclists is in front of you and you really need to get to yoga class on time

Obviously this isn't me because I don't do yoga. I would more then likely be following up about a tweet I read about free cupcakes on Robson but you get what I'm saying. I just wanna lay on the horn and tell them to move out of my way.

22. People who do yoga outside

Yep, I said it. Go back to the "studio". Better yet, stop.

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