Being in a relationship is a wonderful, beautiful, exciting thing, but as well all know, the longer you've been in one, the more comfortable you become. Not that being comfortable is a bad thing at all, but sometimes you get stuck going to the same restaurant, same coffee shops, over and over until all the staff know you by name.

Sometimes you two just need to do something fun and romantic together to get those butterflies in your stomach flying and the sparkle in your eyes sparkling again. So if you feel like you're in a bit of a relationship rut (especially now that it'll be cuffing season soon), don't let yourselves get caught watching Netflix every weekend. Here are 16 of the most romantic things you can do in Vancouver to treat you and your sweetheart.

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Make a dinner reservation at the fancy-shamcy AnnaLena // 1809 W 1st Ave

Who doesn't love dressing up for dinner?

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Cuddle up in the trunk of your car and watch an outdoor movie at Twilight Drive-In // 3350 260 St

Blankets and pillows are a must. Pet child is optional.

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Go for a nice long romantic stroll down Iona Beach // 900 Ferguson Rd

Long walks and conversation.

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Go float with your significant other at White Pine Beach

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Satisfy your sweetie's sweet tooth at Zenstone Coffee // 1131-8328 Capstan Way

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Go on a day trip to Victoria

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Book a spa day and relax like the queens and/or kings you are at Willow Stream Spa // 1038 Canada Place

A little R&R.

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Share an old school ice cream sundae with bae at Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary // 4090 Hastings St

Or don't share...

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Act like foolish little teenagers again at Playland // 2901 E Hastings St

You better win your girl a gigantic teddy bear.

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Go berry picking and wine tasting at Krause Berry Farms // 6179 248 St

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Watch the sunset in your sweetie's arms at the Sea To Sky Gondola // 36800 British Columbia Hwy 99

Who doesn't love sunsets with their S/O?

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Try a horseback riding lesson with Copper Cayuse Outfitters // 7830 Meadows Road

Go on a luxury glamping trip with bae

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Soak in the sun and have coffee at the boujee Chateau Versailles Cafe // #200-2240 Chippendale Rd

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Take super cute pictures of and with each other at Bloedel Conservatory // 4600 Cambie St

Show off your mista on the Insa.

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Share your love of ice cream over ice cream at La Glace // 2785 W 16th Ave

You can't go wrong with ice cream.

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