Say it with me: ughhhh!

You're a millennial which means you're offended by everything and you're pretty sure your eyes will never roll back down from the top of your head. I don't blame you. The odds are stacked against us in every aspect and we constantly need to prove to our relatives that "Social Media Coordinator" is actually a job. And one that you'd be like, really good at.

Vancouver is an awesome place to live/grow up but there are most definitely quirks about the city that make us want to vom. Here are 19 things that make Vancouverites in their 20s go ughhhh....

1. Going to Celebrities.

Enough already.


2. Going to a job interview (by transit) and getting soaked (in the one pair of dress pants you own) because it's always raining.

3. When you get invited downtown...but you live over the bridge... but you know you should be social... but....ughhhhh.

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4. Job hunting in Vancouver means having to be 20 years old with 30 years of work experience.

5. Not being able to post more than one yoga pose on Insta a day.

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6. You're forced to have 7 roommates just to keep the cost of rent down.


7. Having to constantly balance your university friends vs your high school friends.

Vancouver is small but not that small.

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8. When the patio in the summer fills at any bar within a 20km radius of Kits Beach.

We only get 2 solid months of summer. Staaaaap.

9. When everyone says how Vancouver is one of the most livable cities.

Have you peeked at our real estate market?

10. Having to care so much about The Canucks.

The only Sport I care about is Sporty Spice.


11. When the sushi place you love going to has slow service.

How do I combine quality sushi with coupon prices...and Michelin Star service?

12. When your friends want to go on a hike EVERY. WEEKEND.

Can't we brunch once in awhile?


13. Speaking of brunch...when the Yolks Truck runs out for the day.


14. Being broke is a norm you're not ready to accept it.

15. The judgment you get from your vegan friends.

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16. The judgment you give others once you go vegan.


17. When all you want to do is live in Lululemon and Aritzia but you also want to eat.

18. Explaining to your family why you need to go out for coffee at least once a day.

Budgeting yada, yada, but have you tried the new single origin from Matchstick?

19. Surrey Jacks.

'Nuff said.

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