We've all been there. You want to ask someone something but you don't exactly know what their reaction will be so you choose the anonymity of "oh, I'm just asking for a friend."

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Vancouver is v chill but there are some things that will even make a local raise their brow at you.

So be honest, Vancouver, how many of the things listed below were you actually "asking for a friend"?

1. Where can I rent a tandem bike in the city? (Asking for a friend)

2. Is there such thing as an umbrella repair shop? (Asking for a friend)

3. How much is too much sushi? (Asking for a friend)

4. Is exclusively owning black lululemon leggings a faux pas?  (Asking for a friend)

5. Can I do the Sun Run without paying for it? (Asking for a friend)

6. Is it weird to say 'thank you' when getting off the Skytrain? (Asking for a friend)

7. There's a cat cafe but like what if you're a dog person? (Asking for a friend)

8. Is it kosher to roller blade topless on the seawall? (Asking for a friend)

9. If you just stay on the Aqua Bus do you have to double pay? (Asking for a friend)

10. Who knows where to buy crampons? (Asking for a friend)

11. How do you casually walk onto a movie set? (Asking for a friend)

12. And low key get discovered by the director? (Asking for the same friend)

13. How many "first class free" yoga studios are there in the city? (Asking for a friend)

14. Where can I buy rain boots in bulk? (Asking for a friend)

15. Is it cool to bring tupperwear to Kyo's All-You-Can-Eat? (Asking for a friend)

16. Is there anything I can buy in Gastown that costs under $20? (Asking for a friend)

17. How do I order a frappuccino in East Van without getting severely judged. (Asking for a friend)

18. Does anyone else go into a full blown panic when they see a Canucks player at Urban Fare? (Asking for a friend)

19. Does everyone carry 3 pairs of socks in their purse on a rainy day?  (Asking for a friend)

20. Is it safe to buy a toque from the East Van flea?  (Asking for a friend)

21. Is it okay to punch someone who shakes their umbrella off at you?  (Asking for....okay fine, me.)

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