It's Sunday morning. You're up with a pounding headache, your mouth is dry, and you're really hoping you recognize whoever is in bed next to you. Hello, hangover. It's been awhile.

Is there anything worse than a bad hangover? Not only are you suffering the physical pain but you're also mentally fried. Tell me if this scenario is familiar to you. *Opens fridge. Stares in said fridge until someone finally asks what they're doing. Sits down. Zones out for 20 minutes. Tries ordering pizza 4 times unsuccessfully. Settles on Kraft Dinner in the cupboard.*

Vancouver has a special place in my heart and it's hard for me to rag on it today after the sun has finally decided to come out of hiding but there are truly some things in Vancouver that suck so much harder than a bad hangover. Sorry 'bout it.

1. Parking.

Paying for it. Finding it. It all sucks.

2. Traffic.

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3. Translink.

The 99 sucks. The waiting in the rain sucks. The crowded people wearing backpacks suck.

4. How you can go weeks without seeing the sun.


5. Rent.

6. The cost of black Lululemon leggings.

7. How the city sleeps so early.

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8. It takes way too long to get your coffee.

9. How the city shuts down as the sight of snow.


10. Good luck getting hired.

11. No one knows how to drive.


12. How far away it is from Ontario.

13. Not to mention Europe and the rest of the world.

14. Never feeling safe from the puddle splash of oncoming traffic.


15. Turning an umbrella inside out weekly.

16. How our fashion is always mocked.

More like fa-shunned, amiright?

17. How it's impossible to get a cab during rush hour.

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18. How brunch at Medina is going to set your morning back 45 minutes.

19. That you grew up here but you'll probably never be able to afford to live here.

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