No matter how many Prados, Buros, Cafe Genes, East Van Coffee Roasters, or whatever hipster coffee shop of choice, some of us still have a venti sized space in our hearts for a Starbucks cuppa.

Whether you’re a solid gold member who camps in the corner of a caffeine perfumed couch demanding only to be served coffee in a ceramic mug, or a once in a blue moon grab and go customer, Starbucks has a place in our lives.

From an ice cold Cool Lime Refresher to a venti, no-whip, triple shot Salted Carame Mocha, there are just so many drink combinations, and each drink can be uniquely tailored to the many different types of people in Vancouver. That being said, what if we matched up drinks to “types of people” in particular Vancouver neighbourhoods?

Here’s our hunch on what you might possibly order. We were at least kinda close?

1. Kitsilano

Soy vanilla latte, no foam, half sweet, and do you know if this is gluten free?

2. UBC

Venti Dark Roast. Black. Morning lectures and all nighters. 'Nuff said.

3. North Vancouver

What is life without Pumpkin Spice?

4. West Vancouver

Grande green tea latte, no foam, with almond milk. I'm kind of on a cleanse. Oh and here's my Gold card.

5. Joyce

Timmy's because we ain't got cash for that.

6. Gastown

London Fog. Because I write and I'm different. And coffee is bad for you.

7. Yaletown

Spiced Sweet Cream Nariño 70 Cold Brew, because I want to feel like an adult but I’m just not there yet as a person.

8. West End

Venti Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher to tan with at English Bay.

9. Granville Street

Can I just get some water? Oh and can I use your bathroom?

10. Coal Harbour

Quad espresso with an extra shot of espresso. Because it’s tax season.

11. Main Street

Uhm, we don't do Starbucks. Is it even fair trade?

12. Richmond

Do you guys serve bubble tea? No? Ok, just a Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino.

13. Brentwood

*Currently under construction*

14. Kerrisdale

Grande Earl Grey Tazo Tea. Because all the afternoon tea shops are full.

15. Surrey

Tall Caramel Macchiato. Because I want to enjoy the luxuries in life but a venti is a little too luxurious for my budget.

16. Lougheed

그린티 라떼

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