Canadians went crazy earlier this week when Tim Horton's introduced kids' meals for the first time ever. Dubbed the Timmie's Minis, the meals are essentially like Happy Meals, but at Tim Hortons. 

As soon as they were announced, Canadians were actually super hyped about it. On social media, Tim Horton's customers were sharing how amazing the meals were, how cute they were, and how awesome it is that Tim's now has chicken strips. 

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Of course, we don't just want to take the happiness of our fellow Canadians at face value. Obviously, we had to try these new Timmie's Minis meals for ourselves.

Not only did we try all three meals and almost all the sides, but we also compared them to see which one is truly the best. Canadians may be obsessed with Timmies Minis already, but here's what we really think.

Ranked from worst to best, these are our reviews of Tim's new kid's meals, and yes, there was a clear winner. 

3. Mini-Wrap

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In third place, which in this case is the last place, we have the new Tim Horton's mini wrap. The wrap gets points for being the perfect size, but in terms of flavour and texture, it was weird. 

If I had to describe this flavour in one word, I would have to go with bland. The wrap itself was a plain white tortilla. On it was simply seemingly unseasoned chicken, lettuce, and plain cream cheese. Now to be fair to Tim's, it is a kid's meal, so bland was maybe a safe choice for that market. 

The weirdest thing about the wrap was the cream cheese. It was by far the most dominant flavour and gave the whole thing a weird creamy texture. Other than that, this was pretty much what you'd expect. 

2. Chicken Strips

Via Elizabeth Keith

These may have been the most anticipated item on Tim's new kids' menu, but in my humble opinion, it wasn't the best. The strips weren't bad per se, but they weren't great either. In the plus column, the strips weren't too dry and they had some seasoning, although the exact flavour was indistinguishable. 

Where they lose points is in the shape and texture. The strips are more on the short and wide side than long and skinny. They also aren't very thick, in fact, they were noticeably thin for what you'd expect from a chicken strip. As for the texture, if you prefer your chicken strip breading to be crispy, you may be disappointed. I found that strips weren't crispy at all. 

To make matters worse, as of right now the only sauce option is Sweet & Sour but in all fairness, this is the most popular sauce. All that said, I still ranked the strips above the wrap because the flavour was ultimately better. I'd be much more likely to order this one again. 

1. Mini-Melt

Via Elizabeth Keith

That brings us to our last and also best Timmie's Minis meal, the mini-melt which is basically just a fancy grilled cheese. While this meal gets the first spot it's not without its flaws. At first glance, it looks rather underwhelming but at least what it lacks in texture it makes up in flavour. 

My biggest issue with the mini melt is that it's not crispy like you'd want a grilled cheese to be. Thankfully, the actual cheese on it makes up for the soft bread. There is two different types of cheese, one in the sandwich and another melted on top, that give it a solid cheesy taste. While the cheesy isn't stringy and pully, it is at least melted and tastes really good. 

With only one major texture problem and by far the best taste, the mini-melt is the clear winner of this comparison. If we're being honest, though, it's kind of hard to mess up grilled cheese. I guess in this case though, simpler truly is better. 

Of course, these meals aren't complete without sides. Each Timmie's Mini comes not only with an activity book, crayons, and a drink but also your choice of sides. There are four options: mini-wedges, apple slices, fruit snacks, and a cheese-string. 

Having eaten a few cheese-strings in my day, I only tried the first three sides, but even then there was a clear winner. Without going into as much detail as before, by far the best side is the apple slices, which were the only item I ate from Tim's that was actually crispy.

With the wedges, I only got six of them and they were only OK in terms of flavour. As for the fruit snacks, they were 100% natural which is great and healthy but gave them a weird leathery texture that wasn't really enjoyable to eat. 

So all that said, if you are heading into Tim's to try out the brand new Timmie's Minis I would highly recommend getting the mini-melt with a side of apple slices. While this meal still isn't perfect, it gets the job done and for around $5, it's a pretty good choice! 

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