Tis the season for holiday treats! McDonalds Canada has come out with some festive treats to celebrate the holidays. As part of their festive selections, they not only have new holiday-themed drinks but a few Christmasy food items too. 

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There are four new items in total but not all of them will be available everywhere across Canada. For example, the Peppermint Brownie is in every province except for Quebec while the chocolate-hazelnut croissant is only available in Quebec. So, look out for new holiday treats available in your area!

Since I live in Ontario that left me with three brand new holiday menu items to try, including two new bakery items and some limited time only festive fries. For your convenience, I have tested and ranked all three of McDonald's new holiday food items and these are my thoughts on them from last to first. 

Via Mcdonalds Canada / Elizabeth Keith

3. Caramel Cranberry Bar

This one may be in last but that doesn't mean it's bad, in fact, it's actually really good, just not as impressive as the others. The caramel cranberry bar is essentially a brownie but it surprisingly tastes really healthy. I'm not guaranteeing that it actually is healthy but you would probably feel good about yourself while eating it. 

Beyond that, this bar tastes just like gingerbread, which to me is exactly what Christmas tastes like. It was also quite moist although my pro tip would be to request for it to be heated, which you can do at McDonald's because that would take this holiday treat to the next level.

The only confusion I have with this brownie is whether or not it is the same as the gingerbread blondie advertised on their website or if this was a different item. While it didn't have the sprinkles on top and mine doesn't look anything like the photo, both bars are apparently gingerbread and have cranberries, so I'm gonna say it's in the right ballpark. Either way, I enjoyed it. 

Via McDonalds Canada / Elizabeth Keith

2. Herb and Garlic Fries 

Unlike other chains that tend to limit their holiday menus to baked goods and beverages, McDonald's is breaking away from the pack with their festive fries. The seasoned fries earn second place on my list for a few different reasons including quality, quantity, and taste. 

The first thing I was impressed by when I opened the box was the fact that the seasoning was actually evenly spaced throughout the fries and not just on the top layer. As for the seasoning itself, I couldn't really determine what kinds of herbs or spices were on the fries, but it was good. It was also salty but not too salty. 

My one recommendation with these fries would be to eat them the way McDonald's intends and by that I mean while they are still hot and fresh. That's undoubtedly when the festive fries are not only at their crispiest but also at their best. 

Via McDonalds Canada | Elizabeth Keith

1. Peppermint Brownie

While all the items I tried from McDonald's were actually quite impressive this festive treat was the clear winner. As far as I'm concerned the new peppermint brownie is the perfect winter treat for the holidays. To sum it up in only a few words I would say it was cute, decadent, and perfectly balanced. 

The brownie had a nice chocolate drizzle on top of it with the most adorable snowflake sprinkles as garnishing. The only difference between what I got and what was advertised was that mine didn't have those white chips embedded inside the brownie. I don't know what they would have done to the taste but I definitely didn't feel like it was missing anything. 

The flavour was a perfect mix of both chocolate and peppermint flavours. I'm hesitant to use a word that everyone hates so but honestly, this brownie was super moist. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was gooey, but in my opinion, it was perfect and that's why it's my winner today. 

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To sum up my experience I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't try the chocolate-hazelnut croissant since it's only in Quebec but if the trade-off is this amazing peppermint brownie, I'm not too mad about it. 

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