Fuelling before a workout is super important. Refuelling after a workout is also super important. Basically, fuelling your body before any hard workout is vital as it feeds your muscles exactly what it needs. You may have heard that you need carbs before a workout and protein after, and you totally heard right. But don't be afraid to mix it up and have carbs and protein after your workout as well!

The reason why carbs before your workout are so important is because carbs give you energy, especially if you're tired beforehand this is the perfect way to get it quick. Protein after your workout helps your muscles recover, therefore giving you lean muscles that everyone wants. However, there are a wide variety of carbs and protein so it can be pretty hard to choose which one to go with. I've given you a ton of options below and no matter what, your body will fall in love with a few of them!


Overnight oats

Overnight oats are the perfect pre-workout if you are training in the morning. They cover all of the basis, are digestive friendly, and not to mention are SUPER delicious. They're packed full of carbs which will get you off to a great start for your morning workout, and then you can recover with something light since they are super filling. There are a ton of recipes for overnight oats, and one of the best things about them are they're packed with chia seeds which has added healthy fats.

Banana and almond butter

Sometimes you're not super hungry in the morning, or you already had a huge meal but just need a pick-me-up before the gym. A banana and almond butter is perfect because it will give you energy, fill you up because of the fat and the carbs but will also not make you feel sluggish. A banana is one of my favourite pre-workout meals because it gives me all the energy I need but doesn't leave me feeling sick.

A slice of bread and turkey

Of course not white bread but whole grain bread. A slice of bread, toasted or not, with mustard and deli turkey meat on top is a great pre-workout meal. It will keep you full because of the protein and will give you a ton of energy from the slice of bread. Since mustard has no calories, this is a great option if you're counting macros or are just looking to lower your calories. I would suggest Dave's Killer Bread if you're looking for a healthier, low calorie bread option!


I feel like there is so much controversy around rice. Is white rice bad? Is brown rice good? What is the difference? Well, they're both complex carbs. White rice just has a higher glycemic index, which mean it will spike your blood sugar faster. While I don't exactly believe any food is bad or good, I do believe that eating rice before a workout no matter what type it is is great for results and for energy. I love jasmine white rice, and it tastes amazing. Even though it may not be 'healthier' than brown rice, it works wonders for me!


Greek yogurt with berries

Getting in protein after a workout is super important. It helps repair your muscles after that intense workout you just put your body through, and if you want to see results, you need to eat right. If you're okay with dairy (unlike me), greek yogurt is easy on the stomach and is easy to digest, and berries have the lowest amount of sugar. Greek yogurt has a ton of protein in it which makes it super filling as well. Try to get plain greek yogurt and sweeten it with cinnamon instead of all of those artificial flavours.

A protein shake

This is totally the easiest way to get protein in after a workout. It's my personal favourite because I usually am not hungry or have an appetite after a workout for a while. Chugging down a protein shake will not only help your muscles recover, but it tastes amazing. Just some water and whatever protein you love (I love Vega's Mocha flavoured protein) and it keeps you full for a while! Try to get a protein that has over 15 grams in one serving that way you won't still be hungry after.

Egg omelet

Eggs are a great source of healthy fats and protein, so it's no shock that they're a perfect post workout meal. Adding veggies to your omelet will also give you so many micronutrients, and will also add in a few carbs to the meal! Try eating this with hot sauce as well, which can rev up your metabolism and that's exactly what you want after a hard workout.


Maybe you're vegetarian, vegan or like having something simple after workouts. I'm not a huge post workout meal person myself, so the smaller the meal the better. Quinoa is packed full of nutrients, has a ton of protein and carbs which together make a great post workout meal. You can add chickpeas or a lean meat to this if you're starving, but maybe you're on the run and that's all you have.

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