It's time to say goodbye to cuffing season and say hello to a new season of warm, springtime weather. With every new season comes new opportunities, especially with love. So we're here to share with you what to expect for your love life in spring 2019 based on your horoscope sign

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Now that we're all starting to shed our winter clothes and emerge from hibernation for the new season, it's time to shed all of the negativity in your love life and embrace what spring has to offer you. Take a chance on love this season, because it might pay off big time. 

Especially since a bright future is ahead of you in your love life for spring 2019. It's all confirmed in the stars! The zodiac forecast for this season is overall pretty positive, besides Mercury being in retrograde, and you definitely want to take advantage of it. 

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Check out what amazing things that are written in the stars for you this spring season, based on your zodiac sign! 



This is the season to focus on self-love, Aries! Your birthday is coming up this season too and before you start going all out with celebrations and being the fireball of energy that you always are, you should take time to take care of yourself and love yourself with some TLC.

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Especially with Mercury in retrograde, this is the season that you need to slow things down before jumping into things, like new romances or flings, without thinking. 



Spring is the season for you to go after what you want, especially in your love life! Although patience is one of your strongest characteristics Taurus, this season is your time to shine and seek out the love you deserve instead of waiting for love to come to you.

Don't play hard to get with the people you're romantically interested in, especially since love is in the air during April and a new romance could shake up your life for the better. 



March is expected to be a busy month of work for you, which is not exactly what a fun-loving Gemini wants in life. However, it's not all bad news – it just means you'll have to be more intentional about finding time in your schedule for your romantic, fun side, whether it's having an adrenaline-filled date with your partner to let loose or hitting up a trendy new bar to meet new people.

Also with Mercury in retrograde this month, be more careful with your words with your S/O or new fling, because your quick, talkative nature could get you into some miscommunication problems in your dating life. 



Now that we're in Pisces season, this has been a period of social expansion for you and there are no signs of you stopping anytime soon. The social energy that is filling you up from head to toe this spring means it's the perfect time to meet a new love interest, rekindle an old flame, or bring back the sparks in your long-term relationship. 

So keep seeking out new connections and relationships in your life this spring and you never know who may walk into your life and change everything. Just make sure to have some downtime to yourself too, since you're more of a homebody by nature. 



Instead of focusing on your love life this spring, channel your fierce, lioness energy into your career. The right person will come into your life at the right time, and this is actually not the time for you to worry about your dating life.

This season is the one where you'll take your career by storm, thanks to Uranus moving into your career sector. You'll also find clarity on what you should prioritize, and this may give you some much-needed answers in both your dating life and career. 



Don't be afraid to welcome a new romance into your life this season, Virgo. This month's new moon will be a nice reminder of how great it actually is to allow new relationships into your life, even though you're typically more closed off to new people. 

Instead of always relying on yourself, allow your partner to take care of you and support you this spring. One of the things that Virgo hates the most is asking others for help, but don't be afraid to show your partner that you need them every once in a while.



A gentle Venus-Neptune conjunction is coming in April, which means the coming of a potential new romance in your life, or even a rekindling of an old flame. This new love will be one filled with compassion and gentleness.

If you're already in a relationship, this season will also give you the opportunity to strengthen and grow your current one. Just make sure to let go of past conflicts and disappointments and instead, live in the moment with each other so you can continue growing together. 



A long term change is coming to shake up your romantic relationships in March. This will bring some unwelcomed instability into your life, but take it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you handle romantic change.

This is the season to discover a new approach to how you deal with your dating life. So try different dating techniques in your love life, whether it's showing affection in a new way or going on a date you normally wouldn't try. If you're single, you can even try taking a chance on someone you typically would not consider. You never know what changes might alter your life for the better. 



Focus on creating deeper relationships with your partner or on finding a new special someone in your life this spring, Sagittarius. This season you'll be filled with even more energy and spontaneity than usual, so use it to your advantage to better connect with those around you. 

Plus, the extra energy comes at the perfect time because March will be a time where you'll crave human connection more than usual, and planet Venus will spend the entire month fostering your desire to grow your relationships and have fun while doing it. 



You're usually good at using your judgment, but with Mercury in retrograde this month, your decision-making skills will not be as strong as normal. So take time to listen to your friends when they give you advice for your dating life, instead of relying mainly on yourself to make the call.

Also, while Mercury is in retrograde for March, try not to make any major decisions in your love life. If you do need to, make sure to ask for other people's opinion first and think it through clearly. 



It's time to embrace who you really are, Aquarius. Show off your true self in your relationships, whether it's through revealing something your partner never knew or being yourself and not as mysterious as you usually are when going on a date with someone new. 

The new moon this month will make you more self-reflective on what makes you, uniquely you. Aquarius has always stood out from the bunch, and it's time to reflect on why this is true of you. Embrace the star that you are. This will help you become more self-aware in your romantic relationships too. 



Now that it's finally approaching springtime, it's time to come out of your usual winter hibernation, Pisces, and show everyone how much you're going to shine this season. This season, you'll want to emerge earlier than usual from your hibernation because you'll feel an unusually strong desire to connect with others. 

So turn this desire into action this season and take the time to grow your current relationship with your partner, or to take a chance on someone new in your romantic life., InStyle Magazine

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