Unless you've lived through our winter's year after year without spending a large portion of that time down south, you don't get to call yourself a true Winnipegger. A true Winnipegger knows the struggle, and I mean KNOWS it. Forget the people who come here for a weekend and complain, we've lived it.

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Pegcity! If you want to represent than you better have the street cred to back it up. So here are 11 Skills You Need To Master Before Calling Yourself A True Winnipegger.

1. Going to a Goldeyes game and pretending you like baseball when you’re really only there for the cheap beer.

The tickets are cheaper than the beer, that's my kind of sport!

2. Convincing your friend's to take you to a Jets game because it's so hard to even get ticket's, never mind affording them yourself.

You could go to a Moose game, but it's just not the same.

3. Somehow managing to go on with your life even though it's -30°C (or colder) out and your car won't start, buses aren't running, school is closed, and you can get frostbite in 1 minute.

How did people settle here? Actually.

4. Dealing with the summer construction downtown, on the perimeter, by your work, on the way home, it's everywhere!

So much construction, but seriously those potholes though.

5. Waiting over an hour to be seated at Stella's on a Sunday for brunch because brunch is life.

You know you'll wait every time. #bitcheswhobrunch.

6. Sweating on the bus like you're in hot yoga because you bundled up for -30 outside but the driver insists on blasting the heat inside the bus.

Hot yoga is just practise for this. Maybe the bus driver goes?

7. Preparing your wardrobe for all temperatures no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

What's it going be today? Rain, shine, or snow.

8. Figuring out how to safely ride your bike downtown in a bike lane that will abruptly just end.

Maybe there is a black hole that I'm missing, or is it like time travel?

9. Trekking through snow that is piled metres high just to get to your car or bus stop.

Sorels are a neccesity here. Thankfully they started making cute styles.

10. Explaining where in the world Winnipeg is.

Sort of in the Centre of North America, kind of above Chicago.

11. Being friendly because Winnipeg is in "Friendly Manitoba".

You can't forget this, it's on every single license plate.

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