Whether you're from Southdale, Royalwood, Island Lakes, Southland Park, Sage Creek, or another new neighboring area with a yet another additional name, you are no stranger to the suburb life. We are known for the new developments and lack of anything else around them.

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You know that no one elsewhere in the city knows the name of where you live, so you just have to say St.Vital (even though it's technically St. Boniface). So for anyone who grew up in the area, still lives there, or left it all behind, I'm sure you'll know some of these. Here are 14 Signs You Grew Up Around Southdale.

You went to SockHops.

The most important thing at the Southdale Community Centre besides hockey.

You saw so much Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, etc.

Shopping is just easier when all the names sound alike

You trekked the long ass walk to either Royalwood, Island Lakes, Southland Park, and Sage Creek.

Why does everything have to be so spread out?

You adventured in Southdale Forest.

Or had a bush party.

You went to the Southdale Fair.

It couldn't be missed!

You hung out at Mcdonalds.

When Mcdonalds's is all you got after 11 P.M.

You at some point ran away from the geese at the retention pond.

Or at least stepped in their poop.

You walked along the train tracks like it was a path made for you.

It seriously was the fastest way to get around though.

You went to Mac's way too often.

Because a slushie can count as lunch.

You endured the lack of transit buses.

Don't miss the bus because the next 75 comes next week.

The Dart bus was your best friend.

You even know the driver by his first name.

You know about the Statue of Liberty along the bike path in Island Lakes.

I didn't think we were in NYC.

You went to a high school with next to no windows.

I still wonder how it passed some sort of building code.

You went cray for Grade Wars.

Blue, yellow, red, and green!

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