Most of the time our first snowfall of the year never lasts so it's best to make the most of it! It's a great time to just enjoy the snow without it being minus 30 degrees just yet. The beginning of fall is when we put on our favourite sweaters, so the first snow fall is when we bring out the scarfs, toques, and mittens. It's even appropriate to bring out your Sorels!

Sometimes it snows a little, and sometimes it snows a lot, but either way, there is something to do for all amounts of snow. Maybe we can't make snowmen and have snowball fights just yet, and obviously skiing and snowmobiling are out of the question, but it's a great time to do the super cute things in the snow!

See the things to do for the first snowfall below by the amount it's snowing or NEXT to see them all:

Snowing a little ❄️

Snowing moderately ❄️❄️

Snowing a lot ❄️❄️❄️

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Snowing A Little ❄️:

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Have a snowfall bonfire

The snow is no problem when you have a bonfire to warm you up! Bring out hay bails to sit on and enjoy some hot cocoa, Bailey's, beer, cider, or whatever keeps you toasty.

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Watch the snowfall in Kildonan or St.Vital Park

Get the first glimpse of the parks all covered in snow. It's not to cold out yet to hate walking outside so it's the perfect time to enjoy all the seasons.

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Go get cinnamon buns from your favourite bakery

In school we used to always make cinnamon buns in foods class on the first snowfall. So now just head to the Tall Grass Prairie and they'll make way better ones for you.

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Watch the snowfall from your favourite cafe

Sit in your local Starbucks or local café like Fools & Horses and watch the snowfall but within the comfort of being inside with a latte or something.

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Start your Christmas list

The first snowfall is like that first sign that Christmas is coming! Start making your list and get on those deals for Black Friday.

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Snowing Moderately ❄️:

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Take your #firstsnowfall Instagram photo

The first snow fall only happens once so don't let it slip by! Put on your cutest sweater or jacket and let the gram know.

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Knit your own wool scarf 

Unless you're a secret grandma and your knitting game is already on point, Wolseley Wool has classes to teach you how and be Etsy AF.

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Wear your fave toque

It's not hipster if you wear it in winter. Plus now, no pony tails needed, just through on your beanie and your good to go. 

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Sit around the fire place

If you don't have a fire place at home to cozy up with, some lounges and restaurants around the city like Earls have them for you to enjoy.  

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Make a warm home cooked meal

So if you're like me and not the best cook, places like Deluca's offer cooking classes from amazing chefs so you can actually make delicious tasting food.

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Snowing A Lot ❄️:

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Bring the Sorels out!

It's time to officially put those sandals away. If you're one of those people who try to get away with it as long as possible, the season has ended my friend. Closed toed shoes now FTW.

via @kkunnapas

Make snow angels with bae

If you already have your Canada Goose or winter parkas out then lay out in the snow and make the angel that you are. 

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Write cute messages in snow

Remember being a kid and writing notes or doodles on basically everything? Well now is also a great time to make someones day and send them a cute message on their car or lawn.

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Get your dog some winter booties

You probably already got your dog a sweater so now opt for some winter boots. My dog personally hates them but the snow also freezes into snowballs on her little paws.

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Go buy some cute warm mittens

Mittens are my fave and also like symbolic of snow. Make sure to get the ones where you can still use your phone though. Taking them off to text is not fun.

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