You've probably heard people complain time and time again saying that Manitoba is boring. But I don't think we're boring at all! In fact, I love it here and know we're super awesome! So if other people don't think so, now you can tell them why.

You may not have known, but Manitoba has been recognized all over the country and world for some of our unique features. So let's have some prairie pride and relish in the things that are here just for us! Here are 15 Things Manitoba Has That Will Make The Rest of Canada Jealous.

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Little Limestone Lake

This amazing lake is the largest colour changing lake in the world! The colour of the water changes drastically from blue to green with the temperature. Who else get's to basically swim in a mood ring?

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Don't me wrong the performances are great, but the food is where it's at! For 2 weeks straight you can eat your face off from food around the world. Folklorama is the world's largest multicultural festival.

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The Forks Warming Huts

Ultra talented designers create these ultra unique warming huts that any place with cold weather would be jealous of! They are all so cool it was hard to choose just one photo!

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Honey Dill Sauce

The rest of Canada doesn't even know what they are missing! If they knew though, chicken fingers would never be the same!

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The Cube Stage

Lots of places have really cool architecture and such, but how many are actually a functioning stage that is home to our awesome festivals, features all kinds of amazing artists, and is in the heart of downtown?

Free-Diving with Beluga Whales

Only in the Hudson's Bay do they offer expeditions where you can swim freely up close and personal with the Beluga Whales! You don't need to be a master diver or anything and they provide you with wetsuits.

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Winnie The Pooh Was Named After Winnipeg

The beloved bear was actually a real bear named Winnie (after Winnipeg). The actual bear inspired the character of Winnie The Pooh. Everyone loves Pooh Bear!

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Only in Winnipeg! With 8 locations in our small city, we're never without a Stella's nearby. Seriously, how is Stella's not in every city by now? Brunch just isn't the same without them.

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Osborne Village

Osborne was named Canada's greatest neighbourhood! From the food, to the nightlife, art, stores and people, you don't need to be in Toronto or Vancouver to have the best neighbourhood.

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Polar Bears

Churchill is known as the Polar Bear capital of the world. Even if you aren't able to make the trek up north, the Journey To Churchill exhibit is the most comprehensive northern species exhibit of its kind in the world.

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The Forks Market

Since the markets new renovations, The Forks is a hard place to beat! How many other places in Canada serve custom beer flights in the shape of their province, let you drink in the market, have the best local food, and look this cute?

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Little Pizza Heaven

Garlic Crust FTW! I'm sure some other places in Canada also have garlic crust, but our Little Pizza Heaven stays open late just for us to grab our fave pizza after the bar when we need it most!

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Crooked Mountain Cabins Sauna

This is the cutest outdoor steam sauna of life! You get to enjoy the private sauna with your Fiddlehead cabin rental in Riding Mountain National Park.

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Sunniest Winters In Canada

Winter can be a gloomy time, and sure no one is jealous of our super cold weather, but they can be jealous of our sun! Get that vitamin D!

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Red River Mutual Trail

Our skating trail at The Forks is actually the Guinness World Record holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world! That's something to be proud of!

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