Let's be real, living in Winnipeg is definitely a unique experience. We have a few idiosyncrasies that would probably be considered impolite or overly absurd outside our city limits. But that’s just part of what makes the WPG so awesome, right? We’ve definitely got character. Yet some of our “characteristics” are ones that only other Winnipeggers could understand.

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No matter if you're a homegrown talent or a longtime import, I'm sure you'll find these 23 things #sorelatable.

1. Slurpees are a staple in a Winnipegger’s diet.

… Even at 9:00 a.m. on a freezing January morning (there’s a reason we’ve been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World)

2. Our Winnipeg Jets fans are the proudest (and loudest) hockey fans.

No, seriously—have you been inside the MTS Centre when the Jets score a goal? It’s insane.

3. You’ve never been to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

You’ve been meaning to go...you know it’s an important piece in Canada’s history…you just haven’t had time.

4. “One goog special, please"

An upside down blueberry shake with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whipped cream from the Bridge Drive-In—no explanation necessary.

5. The long wait to grab a seat at any Stella’s Cafe on a weekend morning.

But it’s always worth it for a big glass of lemonade and a Mexican breakfast.

6. Having to buy a larger size for your Halloween costume as a kid because chances are, you’ll be wearing a parka underneath it.

Yup, Winnipeggers take their trick-or-treating seriously.

7. Skating on The Red River Mutual Trail is possibly the only good thing about our long, cold winter.

And the Guinness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world is a pretty impressive title.

8. Little Pizza Heaven is the ultimate after-bar food.

A greasy slice of tomato-feta is what vodka-induced dreams are made of.

9. The mosquitos are BAD.

And you always seem to forget insect repellant.

 10. Honey dill sauce goes with just about anything.

But try and order this mayo-honey-dill combo outside of Manitoba, and people will just think you’re weird.

11.Folklarama is actually really, really cool. Two weeks, 40 different cultural pavilions around the city…and who doesn’t love drinking good beer and trying new foods?

12. So is Nuit Blanche.

Arguably the best one-day festival of the year, the city is alive and buzzing until well after 4:00 AM with art installations, alleyway parties, and pop-up bars.

13. The best burgers always come from an old-fashioned food stand.

VJ’s Drive-In, Dairi-Wip, and Whistle Pig, anyone?

14. Hollywood loves to laugh at us.

“Now entering Winnipeg: we were born here, what’s your excuse?” boasts a billboard in The Simpsons. The Office, Futurama, and The Mindy Project all mention us too.

15. Winnipeg Goldeyes’ games are seriously underrated.

Baseball games at Shaw Park have beer, sunshine, and mini-donuts. And, the team has won the American Association championship twice in the last five years.

16. Downtown Winnipeg has an absurd amount of one-way streets.

It might take a few loops, but you always get to your destination eventually.

17. Dancing Gabe is a local celebrity

Technically, all he does is dance in the stands at sporting events. But somehow you still find yourself posing for a pic with him when you see him on the street.

18. Room 202 of the Fort Garry Hotel is seriously haunted.

And even if it isn’t, you’re not going to be the one to find out either way.

19. The first week of September means consuming an unhealthy amount of burgers.

Le Burger Week has been happening in Winnipeg for four years and this year had more than fifty restaurants competing for the title of Winnipeg’s Best Burger. Winnipeggers know elastic waist pants are necessary this entire week.

20. The King’s Head Pub is a local institution.

And it’ll probably never change its dated décor and fragile foundation, but

with cheap beer and food, we don’t need it to.

21. The city’s cycling routes and bus systems aren’t exactly elaborate.

Sometimes, the bus comes. Occasionally, it doesn’t. Sometimes, there is a bike lane. Often times, there isn’t.

22. Our homegrown hockey stars are treated like celebrities.

If Jonathon Toews returns home there will likely be a city-wide parade (they’ve already named a community centre after him, after all).

23. We all have a Neil Young album on our iPod, even if it’s never been played.

We all have a Neil Young album on our iPod, even if it’s never been played.

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