Sunny skies, live music, and the chillest of vibes. 

In honour of the #WFF2017 pre-sale tickets going on sale MONDAY MORNING, we found ourselves scouring the #FolkFestHappy hashtag and reliving our favourite week of the year.

Good luck reading this post and not dreaming of warmer festivals days for the rest of winter. Only 222 days 'til #WFF2017, folks! We'll see ya there.

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The journey of a lifetime trying to get all your camping gear from your car to your campsite in one trip (the struggle is real, but if it were any easier, it wouldn't be Folk Fest).

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The coolest of sleeper vans you call your bedroom/kitchen/living room/changeroom for a week.

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The smiles and good vibes of everybody around you.

via @gillfurness

The strange-but-fascinating campsite decorations.

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The yummiest of food (Boon Burger and whale's tails FTW).

via @travis_ross

The crazy, late nights at Big Blue.

via @rosieupnorth

The chill days at Little Stage in the Forest.

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The wristbands that stay on (dirty and worn) until next year's fest.

via @lucidsailor

The familiar cool and quirky characters.

via @lucidsailor

The most epic of blanket naps.

via @noellemadiison

The hammock life.

via @ljthiessen

The walks to the festival.

via @jojocandas

But also the days when you don't leave your campsite at all.

via @caesar.time

Caesars for breakfast (lunch and dinner, too).

via @tourismwinnipeg

The Folk Fest kiddos.

via @melissadupuis

The Folk Fest babies.

via @craspybakon

Those epic WFF sunsets.

via @craspybakon

The awesome dress code (code: there is no dress code).

via @happymyaplant

The childlike festivities that you wonder why you ever stopped doing.

via @milkychance_official

The acts at mainstage (hands up if Milky Chance blew ya damn mind).

via @winnipegfolkfestival

The no-shoe life.


The beer gardens.

via @winnipegfolkfestival

The late nights/early mornings on Pope's Hill.

via @briannapatrickk

The guitar jams.

via @winnipegfolkfestival

The peace and love that radiates from the crowd and makes you think, "It's good to be home".

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