Let's face it Winnipeg, Netflix and Chill is getting a little old. Sure, you can binge watch Stranger Things for the third night in a row, but sometimes, you want to be a little more daring. And you know, maybe you want to leave the house.

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Taking risks can be fun, especially if you're with someone you love. Rules are made to be broken, right? With that in mind, we dug up some date ideas that are a little outside the box. You might get in a little bit of trouble, so we're not totally encouraging you to actually go out and do any of them.

But hey, we won't tell if you won't. 

1. Smuggle a six pack into Birds Hill Park

Almost any day of the year, this is no problem. Hell, you can pull up to your campsite with an overflowing cooler (or three), and chances are no one will stop you. BUT that all changes every May long weekend. Yup, that's right. Manitoba's provincial parks go dry for the first weekend of camping season. Enforcement is pretty strict, and you can be evicted from your campsite if you're caught sipping (or let's face it, gulping) down some Barefoot around the campfire.

2. Sneak into the Kildonan Park Outdoor Pool

Or any city pool or private pool, really. Sorry, all you wannabe Ferris Buellers out there. Inviting yourself to a public pool after hours or taking a dip in someone's backyard definitely counts as trespassing. And if you're skinny dipping ... let's just say public indecency charges aren't great either.

3. Hook up at Maple Grove Park

Again, this one's true for a lot of places in town. You know the Maple Grove parking lots are basically empty once all the rugby games are over and the dog walkers are home for the night. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a brilliant idea. Hopefully it's worth it if you do get caught.

4. Serenade your S/O on the Winnipeg Transit

Yup. As of 2014, you can't "offer or stage a live musical performance" on a Winnipeg Transit bus without permission. Just because the White Stripes did it years ago doesn't mean you can do it now. Those buses are pretty crowded, so it's probably best to leave the guitar at home anyway.

5. Break out your selfie stick at a Jets game

Sorry all you Insta stars – bringing a selfie stick into the MTS Centre is a no-go. The same goes for fireworks (makes sense) and helium balloons. Outdoor food and drinks are also banned. Cool exception: Investors Group Field allows a single-serving snack.

6. Cuddle up around an open campfire at Victoria Beach

Turns out striking up a fire on the sand can get you in trouble with the Victoria Beach policeFires on beaches or public property in the area have to be contained in designated pits. But they sometimes do give out permits for special occasions, so that's something to think about if you want to really plan ahead.

7. Pack alcohol on your next Manitoba to Sask road trip

If you're leaving the province, you're apparently supposed to leave the booze at home. Unless your job is to transport bottles, you legally can't move them from Manitoba to Sask without special permission. So you could go all Dukes of Hazard here (probably without even realizing it).

8. Go water skiing at night

The Canadian Criminal Code says towing is a daytime activity only. Boaters can only break out and use the tube, wakeboard or anything else during sunlight hours. It's illegal as of one hour after sunset, so you might need to stay in the boat during those romantic midnight rides.

9. Break out a Ouija board in public

Technically, you can't pretend to practice witchcraft. It's banned by a nation-wide law I'm guessing a lot of people never knew existed.

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