Your summer treasure map awaits! The best part is that all the bars are within walking distance from one another so you don't need to shell out a ton of cab money. Besides, it's summer! Enjoy the nice weather while we have it! Every summer is in need of an outdoor drunken adventure!

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The map starts you off at The Forks, and then takes you downtown, and from there you'll head to the Exchange! So get ready because This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Winnipeg Summer Bar Crawl.

You can follow the map here.

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Muddy Waters // 15 Forks Market Rd.

Start your adventure off with some days drinks down by the water! Starting during the day also gives you the most time to get all these places done!

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The Common // 1 Forks Market Rd

You can't drink at the forks without stopping inside the market at The Common. It's newly renovated and amazing!

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The Pyramid Cabaret // 176 Fort St.

The Pyramid is always hosting events that showcase amazingly talented artists and performers. It's one of my favourite venues!

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La Roca // 155 Smith St.

One of the newer places in Winnipeg, they have an amazing patio and decor that is perfect for the summer!

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Tavern United MTS Centre // 345 Graham Ave.

No bar crawl would be complete without going to downtown Winnipeg's outdoor patio! I'm all the way up!

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The Pint // 274 Garry St.

One of the most popular bars downtown, it can get super busy when it's bumpinWatch UFC or dance your heart out.

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Fame // 279 Garry St.

Winnipeg's popular GLBTTQ bar, it's been around for a while now and is stocked with sexy gogo dancers.

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The Palamino Club // 436 Main St.

BOOTY SHAKE MONDAYS! The club has been around forever and no matter what, even after selling it's old location, they are still going hard.

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441 Main  // 441 Main St.

Popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard. When we drink we do it right, gettin' slizzard! (Who remembers this song?)

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Albert Street Cocktail Company // 91 Albert St.

Get a little sophisticated and order one of those drinks you'd never have the time to make at home. Also, enjoy the wicked graffiti around the building.

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Little Brown Jug // 336 William Ave.

A nice local brewery to get your beer on! They close early though so keep that in mind if you're going so you don't miss out.

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The King's Head Pub // 120 King St.

The Exchange's most prominent pub. They have bands play upstairs but if it's a fan favourite your have to wait your turn.

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Citizen // 291 Bannatyne Ave.

The Exchanges go-to club for all your DJ needs. They bring in big name artists and you can dance the night away!

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