The lifestyles of the rich and wealthy have always been portrayed as stylish, jet-setters, buying private planes and zipping off to Paris for lunch. While a lot of people are doing that, it turns out there is one more thing you need to truly achieve top rich jet-setter status, a second citizenship. 

It turns out getting a second citizenship is the stylish thing for super-rich people to be doing now and there are 10 countries in the world where you can actually buy one. 

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While most countries require you to be a legal resident or have some sort of birth connection to the nation, there are actually 10 countries in the world where you can actually buy a citizenship and passport, but it isn't cheap. 

Austria, Cyprus, Malta, and Turkey all make the list of countries who sell citizenships but the price tag is steep. Among the 10 places that sell them, the cost ranges from $100, 000 to over $23 million. 

Other countries where people can buy citizenship are Vanuatu, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Dominica, and Antigua and Barbuda. 

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It isn't seen so much as buying a citizenship in the way that you would go buy groceries or something, but rather an investment in the country. If people invest in property, a development project, or otherwise contribute to the economy those countries will reward them with a citizenship. 

Of course, they must meet the minimum investment amount, which is referred to as the cost of citizenship. In Austria, where it is the most expensive, the minimum investment is $23, 750, 000. 

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If you are wondering why anyone would want a second citizenship enough to pay millions for it, apparently for wealthy people it isn't only about style but it's about security. A second citizenship is an insurance policy for them if anything were to happen in their home country that would make them want to leave. 

Source: Bloomberg

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