I've always found it a little silly how the end of the year everyone seems to get so nostalgic, and more importantly, obsessed with the importance of the New Year. As this year comes to an end, some of you might be remembering the most beautiful and the terrible moments this past year, and promising to be a better person the in the following year to come.

But let us break it down for you, the years are only numbers marking the passing of time. It's clearly not the change in date that will change your life. But hey, it's a beautiful thought.

Since I'm also one of the many who are a little little naive and nostalgic, I often fall for the small videos that we see popping up on social media at the end of the year. Facebook for example, does a good job trying to have us remember all of our beautiful moments.

What I discovered today though, is that Snapchat offers this kind of service, with your stories. (And yes, we remember that Snap has been keeping a little too much information about us in the year). 

With a few clicks, you can relive a recap of your highlights (probably based on the selected images being the most popular stories or views), something that I find really cool to look at, but a little creepy in the way that it's sorted. While we all might have thought that we had a minimum (very minimal) amount of privacy, we realized that we have none when Snap succeeds in sorting your videos by places, moments, EMOTIONS IN THE VIDEO AND EMOJIS IN THE MESSAGES... Yeah, slightly creepy.

But hey, as long as you sign a pact with the devil while using these applications, it's better to enjoy! Here's how to do it: 

1- The application must, obviously, be up to date.

2- You go to the main screen you would use to take a picture, and you click on the small rectangles under the main round button.

3- You'll arrive at the stories section, the "Back to 2017" box should appear. It may take more than one try.

4- View your year in snap photos and stories. You can even share your old stories that make you so nostalgic! 

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