It's been a hot minute since the Hamilton craze, but that doesn't mean that it's not still impossible to snag tickets. While you definitely can check out the show in New York, Chicago and now London, it comes with a hefty price tag... we're talking thousands of dollars to even get in the theatre let alone grabbing a good seat.

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With tons of fans having never actually seen the show and being left to listen to the soundtrack and just imagine what the show looks like, comes other fans who go to more... extreme lengths to check out the film. 

While tons of people have recorded Hamilton and posted it online, almost all of them have been promptly taken down.. except one. Where has the only online video of Hamilton been hiding all this time? Pornhub. No, we aren't kidding. 

As of right now, the first act is listed as "Revolutionary Twinks Have Historical Fun." If you thought that was an interesting title, the second act is listed as a separate video with the title "Revolutionary Boys Get Dirty On American Politics." The titles make the whole thing seem like a joke but low and behold when you click it you are able to watch the entirety of arguably the biggest musical of this decade! Other Twitter users were quick to check it out and see if it was the real deal: 

Hamilton isn't the only feature that has ended up on Pornhub's website, as it joins Star Wars movies, Baby Boss, and even Moana. As of now, the video has around 5,000 views, but we're sure it's going to see a spike in viewership before Pornhub gets around to taking it down. Just make sure you clear your browser history after checking it out for yourself! 

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