It's no secret that Netflix Canada's algorithm isn't necessarily the best at its job. Sometimes incredible shows and movies can sneak away from you just because of how troublesome it can be to navigate through the thousands of titles available on the streaming service.

Though you may not have ever considered that some movies and TV shows are actually hiding on the site. 

It's true! Due to Netflix's algorithm specifically monitoring your viewing habits and only recommending titles they think you might be interested in, tons of titles slip past you as a result. Unfortunately, we all know that while technology can be good at predicting what we like, they don't always get it right!

Thankfully, it turns out that if you utilize a Google Chrome extension, your troubles of finding the perfect movie or show (to binge watch while you wait eons for the next season of Stranger Things) can be solved! 

Via Better Browse

The extension in question is called Better Browse, and as its name suggests, the extension makes it a lot easier for Netflix users to navigate the service in order to find the perfect flick. Judging by the thousands of 5-star reviews, it's clear it really does make a difference!  

What the extension actually does is it adds a second menu to Netflix's interface called "Browse all," there you can access tons of hidden categories that are overflowing with movies and shows you most likely would have never run into using the usual navigation the site offers!

The reason the Better Browse navigation is so much better is because it breaks down movies and TV shows into more niche categories, so instead of just "Action," you can find categories such as "Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy," "Action Thrillers," "Actions Comedy," and many more! 

Via charlesdeluvio | Unsplash

Now since Better Browse is a Chrome extension and not an actual app, you'll only be able to use it while on your laptop. Though, if you prefer to watch on your tv, you can simply just search on your laptop for the TV show or movie you are looking for with the extension, then just direct search it on your TV! 

To add Better Browse to your Chrome, you can check it out on the Chrome Web Store by clicking here and from there you're all set- happy browsing! 

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