All of us girls at one point have experienced the thought, "Why won't my hair grow?!" It's frustrating when you get a bad haircut, or you just want your hair super long. It's unfair that some peoples hair grows so fast, and it seems like yours won't grow past a certain length. If you find this to be true, I have a secret product that will change your life. And it's super affordable too!

Castor oil has been around for decades, and it's one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. It originates from India, and it's used as holistic medicine for a bunch of different things. It has a ton of health benefits, and more than 3,000 years ago it was used to induce labour in women and constipation relief. Now? It can be used for healing skin issues, as an anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, hair growth. 

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Castor oil is made from the seeds of Ricinus Communis, which is a perennial flowering plant. Castor oil is full of proteins, vitamin E, and minerals. You really can't go wrong with this product, as it has multiple uses that will transform parts of your body! Now, lets get into what it can do for your hair. 

Whether your hair is thick, thin, frail, dry, or you seem to lose a lot of hair, castor oil is definitely for you. Everyone can benefit from using castor oil, and since it's so affordable, there is really nothing to lose! Castor oil is effective for hair growth for a few reasons. Because it's antibacterial and has anti-fungal properties, it helps with dandruff, scalp infections, follliculitus which are all reasons why your hair would be slow to grow. Its ricinoleic acid content helps increase circulation to the scalp, which ultimately allows hair to grow quickly. 

It's been proven that castor oil helps hair grow 3-5x the normal amount in a year. There are a ton of YouTube videos that claim their hair grew a few inches in just a couple of months, and this isn't something you put on your scalp daily. Just once a week and leaving it on as long as possible (sleep with it over night if you can) will have so many benefits for your hair. If you're wondering how and when you can use it, I'll give you the preferred steps that will give you the hair you've been waiting for: 

How to use castor oil on your scalp: 

Try to do this 'treatment' 1-2x a week. Only a few drops are needed, and massage it into your scalp and massage for around 5 minutes. You want your whole scalp to feel oily, but not drenched in oil. 

When to use castor oil on your scalp: 

Using castor oil on your scalp works best when your hair isn't wet, but when it's a little bit damp. Use a spray bottle to get it damp and then go ahead with the tip above. For the maximum benefit, leave it on for several hours. If you don't have plans for a couple of days, let it soak! If you can only leave it over night, that's totally fine. Just wear a shower cap or something so it doesn't get all over your pillow. 

How to remove the oil from your scalp: 

Most of the oil will soak in to your hair once you've slept on it, but if not, you can just shower as per usual. If you find your hair still looks greasy, try using shampoo before you wet your hair so the shampoo can really get at the oil. This goes for any type of oil in your hair. 

If you're looking to get thick, long, and have your hair grow super quick, this is totally for you. This is my go-to trick, and I swear by it! While these things can seem like a myth, there are hundreds of YouTube videos stating that this product made their hair, eyelashes, and even eyebrows go super thick and full. There's no harm in trying it! You can get small bottles for around $8 or bigger bottles from around $20. You can find it at any health foods store. 

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