Some of the foods we grew up eating we don't even realize are "Canadian". Places you'd think have the same foods actually don't. The United States had a ban on Kinder Surprises and they also don't have Lays Ketchup Chips!

Obviously, foods like poutine are a given since it's everyone's fave and it seems crazy how nowhere else has it! Put your Canadian self to the test and see if you're a real patriotic foodie.

You're Not A True Canadian If You Haven't Eaten At Least 12 Of These 18 Foods. Unless you're vegan or live that gluten free life, then you're off the hook though, but I still feel like you've probably had a lot of these. Canada even has vegan poutine! So let's see how well you did.

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Canadian Bacon

Also known as "Back Bacon", it's amazing for Eggs Benedict and made out of pork loin rather than pork belly found in regular side (strip) bacon.

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Montreal-Style Bagels

Known for being a rival of the "New York Style" bagels, they are smaller, sweeter, have a bigger hole, and baked in a wood-burning oven.

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Maple Syrup

One of the most Canadian foods ever, I mean our flag literally has a Maple Leaf on it. 

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Others may refer to them as "doughnut holes", but here in Canada, we grew up knowing them as Timbits. 

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Our beloved favourite way of having fries. I don't know if I have ever met anyone who didn't like poutine.

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Big Mac Sauce

Remember when they came out with these in the grocery store this year? It was only available in Canada surprisingly and not in the U.S.

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A true indigenous staple, the bread is like a dense scone and can be used for everything from having it plain with butter or jam to even pizza crust.

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Canadian Pizza

The classic Canadian Pizza with bacon, pepperoni, and mushroom. 

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We all know our Kraft Dinner as "KD", but in the U.S. it's just called Mac N' Cheese.

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Ketchup Chips

Surprisingly ketchup chips are a Canadian thing. You can't get Lays Ketchup chips in the U.S. There are other brands but it's just not as popular.

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Beaver Tails

They are a Canadian Chain hence why the pastry looks like a beaver tail (the beaver is literally a national symbol of Canada).

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Nanaimo Bars

Just as the name says, they are named after the city of Nanaimo in B.C. on Vancouver Island. You've probably had one on a dessert tray at some point.

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Maple Syrup Stick

Also known as "Maple Taffy", it's a French Canadian treat made from pouring the syrup right on the snow and the rolling it onto a stick to eat.

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Kinder Surprise

If you grew up as a kid in Canada there is no way you missed out on Kinder Surprises but they were actually banned in the United States.

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Canadian Whiskey

It's not just any regular Whiskey, it's Canadian Whiskey! We have brands like Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Wiser's, and much more.

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Canadian Craft Beer

There are literally so many to choose from I couldn't just pick one. So either way, we have a lot and you better have tried at least one!

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale

It's available all over the world but as the name implies, originally hailed from hometown Canada.

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Booster Juice

Mostly only a Canadian Chain, the booster's are the best!

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