If you thought H&M's 70% off sale and Bath and Body Works 75% off bonanza were starting the new year off right, wait until you see what Zara has to offer. 

The fan-favourite retailer is currently holding a sale on men's, women's and kids clothes across a bunch of different departments. Dresses, jackets, knitwear, you name it. 

Zara's younger line, TRF, is also on sale, doling out trendier, louder pieces for women who want to try something a little different and less classic.

Via zara

While there's no set value off of the clothing items, by having a quick glance on the site, we can see that the store is currently offering some mega savings. We're talking 50% off or more. 

Dresses have been marked down from $35 to $12.99; jackets - which were originally $160 - now sit at a pretty $69; boots are down by at least $10; and tops can be found at half off or better.

@zaraembedded via

Yup, 2017 may have been bleak, but 2018 is definitely looking up. Or, at least this years' wardrobe is. 

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